Saturday, July 30, 2011

Journolist Lives: The Democrat-Media Complex's Hostage Meme

Somehow I was left off the talking-points distribution list:

• Huffington Post: How Extremists Have Taken America Hostage

• News-Star: Sen. Mary Landrieu: Republicans in the House "holding the U.S. economy hostage"

• Los Angeles Times: Government: Trading the debt ceiling for another hostage

• The Nation: Economic Hostage-Takers Have Infiltrated the House GOP Caucus

• Tehran Times: Paul Krugman: 'Republicans have, in effect, taken America hostage'

• The Hill: Sen. John Kerry: GOP is "prepared to hold the nation's entire economy hostage"

• Bloomberg: Jonathan Alter: "Republicans want to hold the system hostage"

• Detroit News: Rep. John Dingell: GOP "is holding the U.S. economy hostage to its ideological agenda"

• GOP holding Congress hostage to advance [a] reverse Robin Hood economic agenda

• Politico: Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.: "No other president has been... held hostage... over [a] debt vote"

• Al Arabiya: Hostage takers in America’s Congress

• W. Hartford: Rep. John Larson: "Republicans have taken our economy hostage"

• Van Jones: Americans don’t bow down to "hostage taking tactics"

• Bill Knight: Needy held hostage by the party of the rich

• White House Press Secretary Jay Carney: [Is it] "plausible to hold the American economy hostage to a two-thirds vote...?"

• White House Press Secretary Jay Carney: "What is not okay is to do this whole debate again by holding another extension of the debt ceiling hostage..."

• White House Press Secretary Jay Carney: "...essentially hold the American economy hostage to a two-thirds vote to amend the Constitution"

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Mt Top Patriot said...

Well by golly!
It must be the right thing holding the lefts agenda of destruction "hostage" if they are all wee wee'd up about having to live within America's means and hold to a budget.

Not too long ago the tea Party was nothing but a bunch of white trailer trash that didn't have enough sense to breath through their noses, never mind orchestrate a revolution of common sense, never mind influence an entire branch of politics and a nation of 300 million peoples federal budget.

How's that hope and change working out for ya'll?

I'd say there is nothing like a spending junky having to go cold turkey, proof is in the wining and bitching.

If theses crooks liars and traitors don't like it they can go to hell and pound sand. Better yet go to one of the islamic utopia's they adore, bring their whack job of a media and gay radicals, their activist commie judges, union thugs, the entire regulatory/civil service kleptocratic machine, that reptile harry reid, his side kick pelosi and the lying son of a bitch posing as a president with them.

Jim - PRS said...

Herr Goebbels would approve.

Ezpickins said...

Wow.... just wow... What else can ya say? If such stupidly transparent and transparently stupid tactics work, we probably SHOULD go down in flames.


Well, lets take advantage of that. They always given in to ransom demands from North Korea, the UN, the (insert dictator or union interest of choice). So, lets call them pussies, cowards, and demand more because their weeping bullshit is tiring and therefore costs more.

Murgatroyd said...

How dare you imply that our wonderful, intelligent, fiercely independent journalists and media talking heads coordinate their messages?! There is no JournoList! They shut it down months ago, never to be revived -- everyone knows that.

At least, that's what they said in this morning's talking points.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked -- SHOCKED -- that the sheep were able to learn such a nuanced and complicated bleat.