Saturday, July 16, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The Obama-Carter Malaise Remix

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The Obama-Carter Malaise Remix: WZ
The Obama Strut: NoisyRoom
ATF in Mexico: Heads of ATF, DOJ Aware of Fast and Furious: NiceDeb

DeMint on McConnell plan: No effin way.: SAB
Obama Suggests He’ll Take the McConnell Plan: Dossier
GOP's 2Q Fundraising Is Pretty Damn Good: PRN

Hitting Obama's Nerve: RS
Seven Myths About the Looming Debt-Ceiling ‘Disaster’: Lott
Taxpayers being played in debt ceiling farce: FA


Economy Grinds to Halt, Sentiment Lowest Since 3/09: JWF
MI Public School Illegally Uses Robocalls vs. GOP Governor: RWN
Hard Slog -- the Real Future of the U.S. Economy: Orszag

The expanding catalogue of Obamacare fables: Malkin
Hi, I’m Barack Obama, and I Just Make Stats Up: Tatler
Greece's Deal with the Devil: PJM

Shockingly, Yet Another ObamaCare Provision Raises Costs: RWN
Goldman Slashes Economic Forecast: ZH
Chrysler workers busted again: BlogProf


More ‘Gunwalker’ Emails Suggest Gun-Control Conspiracy: Owens
ATF did not inform Honduran government of "walked" firearms: Sipsey
Dems Push Gun Control To Hide ‘Gunwalker’ Scandal: Owens

Climate & Energy

The Green Economy Withers: IBD
GOP Votes To Defund EPA On Light Bulb Enforcement: RWN
Deeply Concerned Chris Matthews Fears Climate Change Will 'Create Trade Routes Across the Arctic Circle!': NB


Krauthammer calls Obama's bluff: Pundette
Gingrich Calls Obama 'Bully,' Says House GOP Should 'Stop Talking' to President: AmSpec
Conor "Pee Wee Herman" Friedersdorf Exposes Himself To Female At Palin Film Showing: Riehl

CBS's Idea of Average Minnesotans: Two State Employees and a Moderate: NB
“The Undefeated” Roars to Big Opening Day… Theaters Sell Out From Atlanta to Orange County: GWP
Libs protest Obama at Chicago campaign HQ: Marathon

Sheila Jackson Lee – The gift that keeps on giving : Gay Patriot
Slavery “R” Us: Bachmann’s Gaffe: ConBlackChk
Fox paid $4.8 billion in taxes, MSNBC $0: Surber


They are paying for it, so the frauds can feel good about themselves: GreenMnts
Gold-Plated Asylum in Norway: GoV
Massive Protests in Syria: VS

China's Hypergrowth Fueled By Building Giant Cities No One Lives In: Consumerist
Emerson "Goat Lee" Begolly indicted: Update: Rusty Physically Excited!: Jawa
Muslim women want Feds to end gender segregation in U.S. mosques: Creeping


Lifetimes of cryptographic hash functions: Valerie Aurora
White House email collection campaign inoperable: Gooding
A Tour of the World's Worst PhotoShop Propaganda: Atlantic


Inside the White House: Obama's Brother from Another Mother: RightNetwork
Another Benefit of Concealed Carry: Shooting Illustrated
This Is How You Should Quit Your Job At Taco Bell: Consumerist

Image: Creeping Sharia
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Bachmann for President

QOTD: "How do I know Obama is no longer serious? Well, first of all, he’s never released any kind of plan. Everything is nebulous, nothing is being scored. Normally in these types of negotiations there is paper floating around all over the place and CBO or the Joint Tax Committee or some other outfit is buying up all the No-Doze in town to crunch the numbers. Staffers from both parties are hunkered down in the Speaker’s office, and committee chairmen are striding the halls of Congress, a gaggle of reporters in tow." --Keith Koffler

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Anonymous said...

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury” Alexander Tytler

“When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” Benjamin Franklin

Question: How do you avoid this problem?

How do you avoid the real danger of a republic destroying itself because the people would rather vote themselves a living rather than earn it?

How do you stop people from simply wanting to use the power of the state to plunder their fellow man?