Monday, July 25, 2011

Rush Transcript: After jamming through massively unpopular Stimulus and Obamacare bills, Obama demands compromise and balance on debt

This is a rush transcript. Any errors are solely the responsibility of my dogs, who kept barking at Obama.

Class warfare! Corporate jet owners! Hedge fund managers! Millionaires and billionaires! Oil companies!

Radical Republicans holding the entire country hostage!

Blame Bush: inherited this crisis... made crisis better... economy is awesome now, and the Republicans are ruining it!

Balanced approach!


I will lead from behind!

And may Allah bless these 57 states of America.


Mr. President:

The election of 2010 meant something.

We won. You lost. Time to slash your ridiculous spending programs that have failed -- utterly and completely -- to stimulate anything other than the growth of the federal bureaucracy.

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