Monday, July 18, 2011

Well, THESE look like good investments for the Social Security Trust Fund™, or Lockbox, or whatever the Democrats call their Ponzi scheme now

It would appear that the shell game known as the European Union is nearing an end. Please consider: "Greek Two-Year Note Yield Surges 213 Bps to Record 35.19%, More Italy Stock Suspensions".

It's getting very scary out there. First there has been an unsubstantiated rumor that Spanish PM has resigned based on an El Pais editorial, and then we have the fact that Greek 2 year bonds have just collapsed by another 2% to an all time record 35.19%. The cherry on top are reports that Intesa Sanpaolo and some other volatile bank shares are suspended after continuing their last week plunge. One day soon the entire European stock market will just shut down and not reopen (which will naturally simply be an excuse for the US HFT lobby, which now feels unfairly attacked for being a malicious parasite, to levitate the Russell 2000 to unseen levels).

As usual, this is worth a thousand words:

In short, the market believes that Greece's promises to pay its immense debts are worth roughly the value of the Zimbabwean trillion-dollar note.

Kind of like Social Security's promises to pay. Which reminds me:

How is it that Bernie Madoff is in prison for life, but the enablers of a Ponzi scheme three orders of magnitude larger -- Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer among them -- are not only free as birds, but still grasping onto the reins of power with white-knuckled death grips?

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