Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: They Just Aren't Serious

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They Just Aren't Serious: RS
Ryan: my plan didn't count made-up savings: Ace
Rating Agencies Warn That Reid Plan Is an Epic Fail: WZ

Did Obama refuse a bipartisan deal on the debt ceiling?: HotAir
Debt Fight Doomsayers: Gasparino
Bachmann flattens Pawlenty: JRubin

Another Manic Debt Plan Monday: Malkin
Obama to La Raza: “I Need A Dance Partner” To Pass Amnesty: WZ
What the President Won’t Tell Latinos This Weekend: Foundry


Conservatives bridle at trillions in 'phony' cuts: York
Obama and the Debt Crisis: Detached, Alone and Passive: PJM
Job Search Stretches Past a Year for Millions: WSJ

The Deepest Cut: babalu
Cut Defense Before Foodstamps: Aces
Steve King on default: Obama could be impeached: Politiho

Audit: Incompetent CA Dept. of Corrections Also Stealing: RWN
Jerry Brown to sign Dream Act for undocumented college students: LAT
Wisconsin's Budget Reform Plan Continues Having Odd Result of Saving Teachers' Jobs: Ace


Dear Yankee: Eight things you ought to know before you start writing stories about Rick Perry.: TXmonthly
Toying With Default: The President isn't serious about real spending cuts.: WSJ
Debt of a Salesman: Camp o' the Saints

Obama's Within-Hours Tax-Increase Contradiction: USAT Ignores, AP's Espo Pretends: NB
NY Slimes: Maybe right wing bloggers are partly responsible for Norway attacks: Toldjah
So If Pamela Geller Is Responsible For The Oslo Nutjob…: RWN

Another Obama ’08 Backer Blasts The Won: Tatler
The Hill Poll: Most voters see media as biased and unethical: Hill
John Edwards Civil Law Suit Getting Uglier as Rielle Hunter and Andrew Young Battle: ABC


(BREAKING) Iran: ‘We Have No Option but to Destroy Israel’: Kahlili
Armied to the hilt: The world's biggest armed forces: Economist
"Breivik came to attention of intelligence services in March": TAB

If Hamas Ran Oakland: Jawa
Norway: Kill 94, serve 21: Fausta
Random CT Lesson from Norway #2: Carry Weapons: Jawa


Smuggling Drugs in Unwitting People's Car Trunks: Schneier
RIM to lay off 2,000 employees: CNet
Android Passwords are stored in plain text on Disk: TheHackerNews


The Budget Crisis Explained to a Nineteen-Year-Old: AT
Finally: "300" Author Brings Us a Superhero to Kick al Qaeda's Ass: Jawa
Proposed Law Rattles Washington's Elite: Diogenes

Image: Frank Miller via Jawa
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QOTD: "“He’s an ex-Marine. He doesn’t put up with a whole lot of nothing.” --Kenneth Kobobel, Jr., describing how his father ran down and killed an armed man who had pointed a gun in his face and robbed him

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