Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The only qualification you need to write for The New York Times: you must be a lying sack of excrement

Yesterday's Times op-ed on the debt ceiling ("The Republican Wreckage") does an admirable job of parroting the Obama administration's talking points: diffuse blame for the debt crisis; obfuscate the cause of the debt crisis; and ignore the 820 days that Democrats have gone without producing a budget.

In short, The New York Times welcomes America's new Chinese overlords.

Consider the key logs the authors squeezed out:

"[Republicans] have largely succeeded in their campaign to ransom America’s economy for the biggest spending cuts in a generation"

Please review the accompanying chart, courtesy of the Office of Management and Budget (a claque of neo-con terrorist racist teabaggers, no doubt). In short, the 111th Congress and President Obama initiated the biggest spending spree and deficit spending in all of world history.

That some conservative Republicans are trying to unwind it is heroic. Failure to do so will mean a debt rating downgrade; and that will be on Obama's head -- not the Republicans.

As for wrecking the economy? What do you call Obama's wreck-ord?

"In a scathing prime-time television address Monday night, President Obama stepped off the sidelines to tell Americans the House Republicans were threatening a 'deep economic crisis'"

Scathing? Or did it simply consist of reading pure, unadulterated, focus-group-tested demagoguery off a teleprompter?

How did we get to this point?

Could it be that in 1960, federal spending was 27% of GDP... today it is 37%. On the Obama trajectory, federal spending will consume 50% of GDP by 2038. Could it be that today 51% of working Americans have no federal income tax liability and 70% take more than they put in?

The system is unsustainable. Of course, economic collapse -- or, as Obama likes to call it, "fundamental transformation" -- appears to be the goal of the Cloward-Piven Democrats.

And what's with the incessant demonization of "corporate jets"? Who builds these "corporate jets"? Who services them? Who flies them? Who fuels them? A bunch of "millionaires and billionaires"?

No. It's just more standard, Marxist class-warfare rhetoric, designed to divide Americans and destroy free enterprise. Which is the intent.

"Mr. Reid’s proposal does at least protect Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security"

Medicare just had $500 billion stolen from it by Obamacare and is set to go bust in a dozen years -- that's according to the right-wing, tea-bagging, homophobic extremists known as the Medicare Actuaries. Medicaid is bankrupting the states. And Social Security will collapse a few years after Medicare kicks the bucket.

Some "protection".

It's almost like the Medicare Actuaries don't exist; the CBO doesn't exist; all of the economists who've warned that the deficit spending is unsustainable don't exist. Only within the Times' progressive reality field do Obama's massive deficits make fiscal sense.

Which is why the only qualification to write for The New York Times is that you need to be a lying sack of excrement. And don't smell your hands after reading a copy.

Hat tip: Memeorandum.

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