Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Nobody Should Believe Anything Obama Says

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Nobody Should Believe A Single Thing Obama Says: NiceDeb
Obama Digs In His Heels on Taxes: PJM
Moonbeam to conservative Californians: Leave, already!: RS

WaPo Underscores Heritage on Illegal Immigration Findings: Foundry
Palin warns Boehner on debt ceiling deal: Hill
TIR Poll: Bachmann Overtakes Romney in Iowa: TIR


President promises 'massive job killing taxes' if re-elected: Tatler
BUDGET: You Spent Yours : LFAYA
Obama's Failed "Tax Hike on the Debt Hike" Gambit: FreeWork

Obama: Relax, I Won't Raise Taxes 'til After I’m Reelected: Malkin
The Few, the Proud, the Employed: RWN
The Food Stamp Crime Wave: WSJ

WH Imposing Same Race-Based Loans Of '08 Collapse: RWN
Turns Out Obama Gave ACORN $541K This Year: AmSpec
A short list of Obama taxes to look fwd to: Toldjah


Gunwalker Terrorizing America, Too: Guns Show Up in U.S.: Owens
More illegal gun operations surface, and the MSM tries to stay quiet: Tatler
Allen West: We need a special prosecutor to investigate Holder’s role in Operation Fast and Furious: Hot Air


Media Matters Declared War, Let’s Give Them One: BigJournalism
Mark Levin vs. A Simple-Minded Christopher Manion: Riehl
Why Liberals and Democrats Should Oppose Obama’s Policies: BRubin

Los Angeles- Area Republicans, Remember: Special Election Is Today: Ace
Liberal California Media Cover Up Democrat’s Gang Ties in CD-36 Special Election: RWN
Pat Caddell reacts to Obama presser: “Does this guy have any idea what he’s doing?”: Scoop


News Flash: Syrian Regime Mob Attacks U.S. Embassy: BRubin
"Mr. Obama is on the side of the Mexican drug cartels": PatriotNet
Are We Going to Do Anything to Those Who Kill Americans?: Ledeen


Fish Photographed Using Tools to Eat: Wired
Meet the Top 20 brands on Facebook: NextWeb
Bill Gates Flabbergasted by Gmail: Fool

How Digital Detectives Deciphered Stuxnet, the Most Menacing Malware in History: Wired
Secondhand Smoking Linked to Mental-Health Problems in Children: NatlJournal
Lock-in: Facebook blocks a second contact export tool: CNet


The Americans Who Risked Everything: Limbaugh
MOTUS Gets Mail: Special Big White Edition: MOTUS
Woman Faces Jail Time For Growing Veggies In Front Yard: Consumerist

Image: Borderland Beat (Caution: graphic content)
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QOTD: "When President Barack Obama selected Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to lead the Democratic National Committee, she was hailed as the best pick he could make... But, like “The Hangover Part II,” Wasserman Schultz hasn’t quite lived up to her billing.

From the start, there has been gaffe after gaffe, which either demonstrates a blind partisanship that shuns facts or a wide disconnect from the average voter." --Politico

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