Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Boehner Plan For Dummies

Someone far smarter than me can correct this assessment in the comments but -- as I understand it -- the Boehner plan is:

• Raise the debt ceiling with no real cuts - check

• Hold secret meetings with an elite "commission" of masterminds - check

• Trying to avoid blame rather than fix problems - checkety check

• End up getting pwnt by legacy media anyhow - check and mate

I'm sure glad the current RINO leadership wasn't advising General Washington at Valley Forge.

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Robert said...

I sure hope the OH Tea Party people can vote this coward Boner out of his seat. do they have a conservative who can run against this lifer?

best way to make sure Boner is no longer going to hurt us is to vote him out of the House entirely and it's also the best way to send the message to all the other cowards. get a spine or get out.

let's make the Crying Capitulator Boner eat some Daschle soup.

whitehall said...


Boehner isn't that bad but he is limited in power and is thinking ahead to the 2012 election.

Perhaps a more conservative leader could be found at that time but I give the man a lot of credit.

The House Republicans are like a hockey team with two players in the box yet holding their own.