Friday, July 15, 2011

Mr. Obama... you’re not my president! [Papa B]

Papa B:

Dear Mr. Obama,

You’re not my president... and this decision was yours, not mine. You are the thirteenth president of the United States in my lifetime and I have never been ostracized or isolated by any previous president, regardless of party. Why did you decide that you would not represent my constituency?

1. I am not Black; and in spite of your overwhelming support by African-Americans, you have done nothing to help solve their problems. Their unemployment is higher and the issues of single parent homes, welfare dependency, and education deprivation have been ignored by you and Mrs. Obama.

2. I am not Hispanic and in spite of significant support of the Hispanic community, you have created no proactive program to help solve the illegal immigration problem nor have you done anything to create a solution for the illegal immigrants in the U.S.

3. I am not a union member and in spite of the symbiotic relationship between you and the unions -- and the massive monies given to you and returned by you in the form of "stimulus funds" to unions, you have made union membership an unfavorable term. Instead of including unions in the generic labor market you have selectively isolated them, given them favoritism and alienated the great majority of workers who have no favored status in your eyes.

4. I am not a far left liberal seeking wealth redistribution, shutdown of coal mines, oil wells, and any endeavor that creates jobs. I have difficulty envisioning windmill-powered vehicles and exclusively solar-powered homes and factories. I also have difficulty understanding how preserving minor endangered species should triumph over allowing people to sustain themselves in their lives and work.

5. I am not a "fat-cat" who contributes to you and takes from the government in forms of subsidies, tax benefits, grants and the many other ways you repay your minions.

6. I am not a socialist/Marxist who despises this country and wants us to fail in the hope that you will "fundamentally transform" the U.S. into some form of government-controlled society the likes of which has never, ever succeeded in civilized history.

7. I am not an idealist who was charmed by your charismatic speech and rhetoric of hope and change... and who have now seen that this was nothing but a veneer with little substance.

I am an old man who with my wonderful wife has raised terrific children who are raising their terrific children. I started with $50 and have worked all my life learning that all success, however you define it, is based on building relationships with family and friends and all who you are fortunate enough to be able to meet and know. I learned that it all comes from hard work, compromise and having beliefs based on fundamentals of the rule of law and one's religious values. I am saddened by your choosing to exclude me from your constituency... other than using me as leverage in Medicare to threaten your opposition.

Of your twelve predecessors in my lifetime, I have never felt so excluded and the thought that you will continue to exclude me, my peers and all those other constituencies that are not important to you, saddens me greatly. I hope you overcome your lack of experience, knowledge and judgment and do nothing more than expand your peripheral vision to realize that you are the president of the entire country and all of its people.


Anonymous said...

He's just not into you.

Tea Party at Perrysburg said...

It's not just that he hasn't included people in this list. It's that he intentionally refers to those who do not agree with him a "enemies" and the like. This is his choice; he has alienated millions of people because they do not think like him.

Robert said...

don't count on it buddy. Marxist/Fascists aren't the best bet to change stripes.

that was very eloquent though.

Anonymous said...

AMEN BROTHER! You have hit the nail on the head!

Anonymous said...

Notice how powerful this essay is without resorting to name calling and vitriol? It's got a tone of resigned sadness.