Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: AZ Sheriff: 30% of Illegals Caught at Border Have Criminal History in U.S.

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AZ Sheriff: 30% of Illegals Caught at Border Have Criminal History in U.S.: CNS
Senate Dems Block DHS Bill That Defunds Obama’s Immigration Plan: Blaze
Ted Cruz, Susan Collins Outline Counter to Dem Filibuster of DHS Bill: NRO

White House Unaware of Obamacare: RS
Obama rewrites Obamacare law again: WyBlog
Obama Sure Takes a Lot of Selfies, Don’t He?: Sooper

Professor Jonathan Turley: Obama Guilty of ‘Violations of His Oath of Office’: CI
Tweet of the Week Comes From Nigeria: Instapundit
Intelligence agencies must be able to fight terrorism in secret: Rachel Marsden

In 2008 Hillary Linked Autism To Vaccines #Grandmother'sGoingSenile?: Lid
The Witch-hunt Against Bob McDonnell: Rachel Alexander
NH Seeks To Empower Citizens By Equal Firepower Measures: Tony Oliva


Minimum Wage Hike Hits Home in SF: RedAlert
The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment: Gallup
The Bravado of Borrowers: Peter Schiff

Scandal Central

These Are The Ex-Lawmakers Who Could Barely Wait To Sell Out: Vocativ
Obama's Budget-Busting Spending Bill to Balloon Federal Debt to More Than $25 Trillion by 2025: AmPower
In Christie’s Career, a Fondness for Luxe Benefits When Others Pay the Bills: NYT


Washington Monthly pretends Scott Walker may not have gotten death threats: Moe Lane
Generation W: Raising a Nation of Wusses: Aaron C. Smith
Mark Levin Responds to Bircher Nonsense in Virginia Effort for Convention of States: Jen Kuznicki

NBC Skips Obama’s Beer Gaffe on Washington; Contrast With Palin's Revere Tale: Curtis Houck
John Judis: About That Inevitable, Permanent Majority for the Democrats: RS
Teacher Beaten Bloody By Black Student; Media, Parents Say Teacher Deserved It: Treehouse


Obama DEFENDS Islam in statement about ISIS video burning Jordan pilot to death: Scoop
France: Muslim slashes soldiers on anti-terror patrol in front of Jewish community center: JihadWatch
Islamic State shows burning of hostage, Jordan vows 'earth-shaking' response: Reuters

Jordan: Hey, You Know How ISIS Demanded We Release a Female Terrorist Prisoner?: Ace
"Whatever Ideology They're Operating off of is Bankrupt": DiploMad
In Palestinian Authority, Outrage Follows PA Daily's Publication Of Muhammad Cartoon: MEMRI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Mysterious Apple Car Spotted Roaming Bay Area Streets: MacRumors
Satya Nadella's One-Year Report Card as Redmond's CEO: Redmond
Incredible 50-foot 'dragon' dinosaur unearthed by Chinese farmers: Naomi Ng


Obama's New Ride: Springer's Blog
A Message To The Left ~ (I know, you just don't give a damn...go ahead and admit it!): Norman Hooben
Settlement Map: iOTWreport

Image: ISIS releases images of Jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage [GRAPHIC]
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QOTD: "While Washington’s contentious revolving door spins in perpetuum—allowing a stream of money, influence and access to flow seamlessly between the private and public sectors—the speed with which these public servants have offered themselves up to big business may raise a few eyebrows.

“It’s not like they were calling up their new employers on the morning of Jan. 5 and asking for a job,” says Russ Choma, a CRP spokesman. “It would seem very likely that as these lawmakers were still voting on bills and debating policies, they were simultaneously negotiating with lobbying firms whose clients may have a direct interest in these issues.”" --Shane Dixon Kavanaugh

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