Monday, February 09, 2015

When you need to lawyer up...

Mr. Archie may a true marketing genius.

Hat tip: D.S.


carlito said...

Proudly endorsed by OJ Simpson since 1994!!!

Doom said...

There really was a time when it was understood that the guilty really weren't to be given a fair shake. If he admitted it to his attorney, that lawyer had a couple of options. In the honest days, one of them was not to try to get him off.

While things have changed, most lawyers at least try to keep it in their pants. No one will do or say anything about this lawyer because he is black. Heck, they allow a black president to do wholly unconstitutional things, and the whole of the rest of the government has become so ballless that it can't and won't act in the nation's best interests. So... I suppose it fits.