Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Feds build another massive bureaucracy to deal with Obama amnesty invasion

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Feds build bureaucracy to deal with Obama amnesty onslaught: Times
The President’s Exploitation: RebelPundit
Obamacare Replacement: More Covered, Fewer Pained: Betsy McCaughey

Mark Levin Shreds Obama's Vox Interview: Scoop
Democrats Risk a Jewish Backlash with Netanyahu Boycott: Keith Koffler
Mystery Shrouds J Street Claim '84%' of US Jews Back Obama Over : Algemeiner

First They Shut You Up, Then You Will Be Made to Care: Erick Erickson
Supreme Court set to condone homosexual marriage: RS
VOX Accidentally Breaks News, Instantly Regrets It: Sonny Bunch

The Rubio Factor: RS
Volatility in GOP Race: Dick Morris
Former Sen. Tom Coburn Joins Convention of States Project: Breitbart


The Fourth Turning: The Shadow of Crisis Has Not Passed, Part I: TBP
The Fourth Turning: The Shadow of Crisis Has Not Passed, Part II: TBP
U.S. Brags to U.N.: We Have 46.5 Million on Food Stamps: CNS

Scandal Central

White House Says They Will Not Release IRS Documents On Tea Party Targeting: WZ
May '14: Obama Knew Location of U.S. Hostages; Waited 7 Weeks to Order Rescue that Failed: FreeLight
‘Truly insane': Josh Earnest’s appalling defense of Obama’s ‘random’ shooting remarks: Twitchy

Climate & Energy

Failed climate predictions gets a website: WUWT
It's Final -- Corn Ethanol Is Of No Use: James Conca
The Climate Change “Consensus” Isn’t What the Washington Post Thinks: CFP


WH Spends 7 Minutes Defending Obama Downplaying Terrorism, Calling Kosher Deli Attack ‘Random’: WFB
‘Random’ Comment From Vox Interview Is Now a PR Nightmare For President Buzzfeed: Sooper
#JewishLivesMatter: Roger L. Simon

Brian Williams Debacle Yet Another Reminder: Elite Media Despises Its Customers: Ed Driscoll
Tragic irony: Coexist artist beaten by Muslim gang in Paris: Allen West
At Grammys, Obama Promotes ‘Partnership’ With Soros-Funded Group: MRC


Caliphatalism? : Rasha Al Aqeedi
Obama: Iran nuke is against their religion: MediaEqualizer
In Speech, Iran’s Supreme Leader Rejects Idea of Framework Agreement: TheTower

Egyptian TV: Nobody dares admit Islamic State’s crimes are based on Islamic sources: JihadWatch
Sweden Doubles Down on Diversity: Brenda Walker, VDARE
Europe’s Jewish Population Continues to Plummet: Ethan Epstein

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

FCC and Net neutrality: What you really need to know : Marguerite Reardon
Net Neutrality: The FCC Has Picked Our Poison: NoJitter
US states demand Anthem should provide hack information quickly to customers: CIO


Hitler Finds Out About Brian Williams: Orwell's Spectre
The People’s War on Mac and Cheese: The Dust Up: MOTUS
Obama burns down another US alliance: RS

Image: Jeb Bush's tech officer resigns after controversial tweets
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QOTD: "...after the fall of [Mosul], Manar, like every other female, has been forced to wear a full burqa. This outfit really does cramp one’s style. “Were we nude before? What was wrong with our clothes?” exclaims Manar, as her voice register shoots upward. “Nothing of our skin was exposed. Must we look like portable garbage bags for Allah to be content with us? How will I practice medicine? So that’s it? Everything I worked hard for and planned is gone?” She absolutely breaks my heart. This young, brilliant, and dedicated woman once so passionate about life is asking questions no one appears able to answer.

With Al-Husba (religious police) stationed at local markets to monitor women’s attire, the majority have submitted to the burqa, but some women have resisted and challenged ISIS militants with reason based on Islamic texts that the burqa is not mandatory. Dumbfounded and shocked, because they are to a man uneducated in genuine Islam, knowing only what their leaders have told them, several militants gave up the debate and left. The more hardcore ones refused any discussion. Whether they reject questioning the legitimacy of their religious laws or simply the idea of a woman standing up to them is hard to tell.
A new discourse has surfaced during the past six months in the conservative city of Mosul, one that should lead Islamists everywhere to some recalculation. In brief, it is this: Allah is not doing anything. A phrase considered to be the ultimate heresy in Islam is spreading widely in private discussions. ISIS religious fanatics are creating agnostics and atheists at an alarming rate." --Rasha Al Aqeedi

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