Friday, February 06, 2015

MARK LEVIN ON BARACK OBAMA: This man is a nihilist and a narcissist and an extremist

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SEAN HANNITY: You talk about moral relativism. The terrible deeds in the name of Christ, he can't even say the Islamic State is ISIS. Would he ever say the terrible deeds committed in the name of Muhammad? Did you ever hear those words coming out of his mouth?

MARK LEVIN: No, we won't. This man is a nihilist and a narcissist and an extremist. And I would like to suggest that -- Mr. Obama, here's a suggestion for you as the leader of the United States. This weekend rather than going off and campaigning or going on vacation, why don't you go across the Potomac River into Arlington National Cemetery?

Why don't you walk the rows and rows and rows of the dead heroes who liberated peoples who were facing genocide and tyranny of all kinds, World War I, World War ii, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and all kinds of wars. Those young men, if you look at those headstones, the overwhelming majority, all religions, but the overwhelming majority, Mr. Obama, are Christians. Why didn't you speak to them today, Mr. Obama?

And ironically you brought up slavery in the United States. And what's ironic about it, Sean, is if Abraham Lincoln took the position of Barack Obama, it would have been something like this. Lincoln saying we've had slavery on every continent in every country since the beginning of mankind. The Egyptians enslaved the Jews, the Romans enslaved Christians. Slavery is almost a human natural act, is it not? And Lincoln would say, following Obama's argument, don't get on your high horse.

This is not an existential threat, Obama said the other day of the genocide in the Middle East. And Lincoln might say, why in the world would I send hundreds and thousands of men to their death to end slavery?

What Obama is saying and doing is the lowest of the low now. He really is not a leader of a great people. He's not a leader of a great nation. He is stuck in his own ideology. He's stubborn and ignorant at the same time. There are black Christians and black Muslims in Africa who are being slaughtered. They don't want to hear about the Jim Crow laws. There are Christians, there are other Muslims being slaughtered in the Middle East, they don't need a lecture from Obama about Christianity. The fact of the matter is Obama is not doing anything effective or substantive to stop genocide in our time.


HANNITY: Let me show you two maps. Savannah Guthrie, during the Super Bowl, interviewed the president and talked about how his strategy is not working. The president vehemently denied it, but there you can see on the map the increase in ISIS-controlled territories and the battle for both big cities and small and the control that they've taken.

Then we look at radical Islam in January 2015 and its worldwide influence now, all around the world. The president denied that advancement as well. If America doesn't lead, are we going to count on the Jordanians? Are we going to count on Middle Eastern countries to take up this battle, this fight? Don't we need America to be fully engaged to actually win this war against modern fascism in our time?

LEVIN: There's no question about it. And the fact of the matter is for all of his talk that he thinks is in defense of Muslims, this president because of the way he left Iraq, this vice president has started to get a status of forces agreement, they have, in my humble opinion, lots and lots of blood on their hands. Many, many Muslims, Christians and others have died as a result of their actions. He can give as many speeches and issue as many bumper stickers as he wants. And here's the other point, we are going to get hit if we do not hit this enemy where this enemy is. We are going to get hit again.

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Anonymous said...

O'Bama's also a world class turd!

Alaska Paul said...

O is a MoBro. He hates this country.

Anonymous said...

I don't think "...a nihilist and a narcissist and an extremist." comes even close to describing the profound evil that is Obama.