Friday, February 13, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Obama to Give Illegal Aliens Tax ‘Refunds’ Even if They Never Paid Taxes

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Obama to Give Illegals Tax ‘Refunds’ Even if They Never Paid Taxes: RWN
Senator: Obamnesty Extended To Allow In Relatives Of Illegals: VDARE
A Red Line for Obama: Boaz Bismuth

The Ted Cruz Speech On Radical Islam The MSM Will Never Show You: CHQ
Jay Cost: The Republican Party Is Not Your Friend: Ace
House Conservatives Urge Change Filibuster Rules for DHS: Matt Fuller

How Scared is the Mainstream Media of Scott Walker?: LI
Battle With ISIS ‘Roils 2016 Field’ as Granny Clinton Remains in Hiding: JWF
Biden Gives Shout Out to 'Old Butt Buddy' in Iowa: WS

Debts That No Honest Man Can Pay: Stephen Eide
Bills nullifying federal gun bans get approval in Montana, Arizona: Guns
More Democrats Will Boycott Israeli PM Address to Congress: Jim Geraghty


Alien Kids Robbing American Students Of Educational Resources: VDARE
Panel Warns Military’s Tricare Health Insurance In ‘Death Spiral’: WZ
The Truth About Obama's Horrific Job Record : Andy Puzder

Scandal Central

Senator to Loretta Lynch: Why Did No One Go to Jail for Laundering Money to Terrorists?: Kelsey Harkness
Holder Defeated As Judge Rules Federal Interstate Handgun Transfer Ban Unconstitutional: Bob Owens
America’s Debt Prison Scandal: AmInt

Climate & Energy

Green scientists caught tampering with the historical record. Again: Breitbart


O Partied It Up Last Summer in Secret with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn: Ace
Obama Embarrasses Himself in Buzzfeed Video: Ace
This is Why I Love John Bolton: Scoop

Despite 'Long Period' of Concerns at NBC, Williams Given $50 Million Contract in Dec.: WS
NYT Defends Iranian-Backed Rebels: “Death To America” Slogan Isn’t Meant Literally: WZ
Colorado Dem To Rape Survivor At Gun Hearing: “Statistics Aren’t On Your Side”: Dana Loesch


Obama Says Nuclear Deal Imminent If Nuclear Fatwa is True: Elliot Freidland
Report: Construction at Iranian Nuclear Site May Be Concealing Banned Activities: The Tower
Random Terrorism: Eratosthenes

Obama State Department ordered Marines to surrender weapons after evacuating Yemen embassy: BPR
Marine Corps: ‘No Marine Handed a Weapon to a Houthi, or Had One Taken From Him’: CNS
The Last of England: Mark Steyn

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

So Cal Edison's path to the center of the H-1B debate: ComputerWorld
How to Set Up a Facebook "Legacy Contact" for When You Die: LifeHacker
Is Pinterest Considering a ‘Buy’ Button?: Justin Lafferty, AdWeek


$10,000 Muhammad Art Contest to be Held Near ‘Stand With the Prophet’ Conference: Breitbart
You say ISIS, I say ISIL: MOTUS
Check out these wonderfully detailed 'Game of Thrones' props (pictures) : CNet

Image/Sponsored by: $10,000 Muhammad Art Contest

QOTD: "In January of 2009, the labor participation rate was 65.7% (at least one metric that isn’t better now than when he took office) and the unemployment rate was 7.8%. Were the labor participation rate 65.7% today, the unemployment rate would be 9.7%. In other words, the entire improvement in the unemployment rate since President Obama took office (from 7.8% to 5.7%) is due to a decline in labor participation. Had labor participation held steady, unemployment would be 9.7%.

In human terms, because they are either unemployed or out of the labor force, this means an historic number of Americas are waking up each day without a job." --Andy Puzder

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