Thursday, February 12, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: The Skull Beneath the Skin of the ‘Affordable Care Act’

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The Skull Beneath the Skin of the ‘Affordable Care Act’: Michael Walsh
GOP Signals No Willingness to Stop Obama’s Illegal Amnesty Plan: Daily Signal
Obama Spokesholes Try To Walk Back ‘Random Shooting’ Remark: Tammy Bruce

Obama’s AUMF should be DOA: RS
The Muslims Who Met With Obama Before His Crusades Speech: Sara Noble
Muslim Brotherhood says White House official present at meeting: Treehouse

Scott Walker Not Done Collecting Skulls for his Throne: Leon Wolf
HSBC Leak Exposes Shady Clinton Associates: Andrew Stiles
Speaker Boehner: Invite Hillary to Bibi's Speech: TR

True Lies: Victor Davis Hanson
Federal Ban on Interstate sale of Handguns Ruled Unconstitutional: GunWatch
More Insights into the Islamist-Leftist Alliance: Daniel Pipes


The Fourth Turning: The Shadow of Crisis Has Not Passed, Part III: TBP
Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) actually goes to war with the unions: Moe Lane
Stanford Review Exposes Falsehoods Promoted by Campus BDS Activists: CI

Scandal Central

Sickening: Illegal Alien Used His Wife’s Daycare to Molest Toddlers: Cassy Fiano
Are They Really Journalists? No, They are Progressives and Must Lie: DiploMad
White House Holding Back Tea Party Targeting Docs: LI

Climate & Energy

Reporters told to stop interviewing 'irrelevant' climate change critics: Exam


So, What About Rev. Al Sharpton's Suspension?: TSG
Federal Election Commission to Consider Regulating Online Political Speech: CNS
Ben Shapiro: Why Jews Vote Leftist?: Treehouse

Atheism and support for homosexual marriage: proven indicators of a violent nature: RS
February: Annual White America Sucks Month: Lloyd Marcus
The Tweetable Guide To Media Myths And Left-wing Violence: Ace


On ISIS, Obama Wants Congress To Tie His, And the Next President’s, Hands: Tammy Bruce
U.S. Flees Yemen, Another Obama Success Story: Sara Noble
South African University Rejects Student Council’s Call for Expulsion of Jews: Algemeiner

Obama Delayed Making a Decision For So Long He Missed Kayla Mueller Rescue: Ace
The Only Strategy to Defeat Jihad: Jonathan David Carson
Jews in Turkey: Unending Discrimination: Gatestone

Why Netanyahu must go to Washington: Matzav
Anti-Semitic horrors don‘t exist in Obama’s world: JWF
DOD: U.S. Kills Another Former Gitmo Inmate, Recent ISIS Convert, in Afghanistan: CNS

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Electronic Weapons: Serenity To Silence Snipers: StrategyPage
Facebook launches ThreatExchange, a platform that lets companies share security threat info: VB
Find your pals in a crowd with this flashing phone app: Engadget


Kayla Mueller: Israel-Hater: Peter Malcolm
The 2nd Amendment : For Muskets Only?!: RWN
Domino's Gun Ban: At Least 8 Drivers Shot, 3 Killed: Breitbart

Image: So, What About Rev. Al Sharpton's Suspension?
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