Monday, February 16, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: More Obamacare victims noticing that they’re gonna be on the hook to the IRS

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More Obamacare victims noticing that they’re on the hook to the IRS: Moe Lane
What Actually Causes American Fear of Islam and Muslims?: Daniel Pipes
CAIR Defends ISIS, Says Calling Them “Islamic Savages” Is “Hate Rhetoric”: WZ

The Reckoning: Victor Davis Hanson
Vox Obama: Rich Lowry
Boehner: House did its job under Constitution, any shutdown on Democrats: Scoop

The Anti-Semitism We Never Talk About: David Hazony
Regarded as Sheep to be Slaughtered: Erick Erickson
Who Are These “Violent Extremists” Obama Keeps Talking About?: CHQ

When Does a Threat to the Homeland Become "Existential"?: Dan Cadman
Bill’s libido threatens to derail Hillary — again: Maureen Callahan
Opponents of Article V Convention echo DC politicians and lobbyists: Todd Wolfrum


Sky High Debt Makes College Grads Live With Parents: David Ticzon
This African Country Was Once World’s 3rd Poorest; How It Turned Around: Ed Frank
How the Welfare State Penalizes Parents Who Marry: Robert Rector

Climate & Energy

U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare: IBD
The Scorching of California by the Green Radical Left: Victor Davis Hanson
Is New York’s Snow Hurricane Tied to California’s Drought?: LI


The War on Free Speech, Day In, Day Out: Mark Steyn
‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle’s Widow Talks About Facing Valentine’s Day Without Him: WZ
Call Off the Dogs: Maureen Dowd

The Walker-Stupid, Obama-Genius Myth: Jack Cashill
(Lack Of) Truth And Consequences: Derek Hunter
Hijacking in progress! Check out these hilarious #ILoveObama tweets from conservatives: Twitchy


Why the (toothless) Iran sanctions bill matters: Daniel Pipes
ISIS Appears To Be Threatening To Burn Cage Filled With Children: WZ
Omar El-Hussein, Copenhagen Terrorist, Freed from Jail 2 Weeks Before Attack: Daniel Greenfield

The Morning After: Mark Steyn
Islam as a threat doctrine: Admiral (Ret) James Lyons
ISIS Releases Video of 21 Christians Being Beheaded in Libya: Sooper

As the war in Ukraine rages, civilians fight to survive: Valentyn Onyshchenko
Sweden: Rape Capital of the West: Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard
Two men arrested in connection with Copenhagen attacks: LAT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

LG is bringing a stylish new smartwatch to MWC: AndroidAuthority
Cybercriminal gang plunders up to $1 billion from banks over two years: Jeremy Kirk, CIO
Should We Be Trying to Make Contact with Extraterrestrials?: Darren Orf


Never forget; never remember: LL101
Bibi Ad Shows ISIS Asking Directions to Jerusalem: WS
America’s Greatest Fear: Keeping Up With the Jones: MOTUS

Image: Copenhagen attacks: Suspect killed by police linked to criminal gangs
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QOTD: "Don’t do this to a people that are in the crosshairs of multiple terrorist groups with the capability of attacking them. Don’t do this to a nation whose civilians are terrorized by thousands of rockets launched against them at a moment’s notice. Don’t do this to a country that’s facing down the threat of a nuclear weapon annihilating them off the face of the Earth. Don’t do this to a people that are being stigmatized all over the world, even as we speak, who are being oppressed. Don’t do this to a country that in forum after forum has become the subject of de-legitimatization as people argue that somehow Israel’s right to exist is not real." --Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)

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