Friday, February 20, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Is This What Obama Meant By ‘Perverted Islam’?

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Is This What Obama Meant By ‘Perverted Islam’?: CHQ
US announces future offensive in Iraq: RS
‘What In Gods Name Are The Clintons Doing?’ Taking Foreign Govt. Money: WFB

'Extremism' Summit Opens With Muslim Prayer, No Other Faiths Allowed: RWN
Obama refuses to acknowledge ‘Muslim terrorists’ at terror summit: Geoff Earle
Silly Denials Of Islamic Terrorism Bring A Silver Lining: Jonah Goldberg

Barack Obama's 'reckless disregard' of the law: Michael Barone
GOP Double-Crossing Traitors And The Hanen Decision: Ann Coulter
Joe Biden takes ‘being Biden’ to new heights (or depths): Nia-Malika Henderson

Reminder: Democrats Hate Guns and Gun Owners: Leon Wolf
Gun groups launch new push for concealed-carry legislation: Hill
Tulsa Residents Killing Bad Guys At Rate Of 1 Every 10 Days: Bob Owens


The US Stock Market is at its Most Overvalued Level in History: Pater Tenebrarum
Free Markets Work – Walmart Hikes Wages: Pocket
Worried about 'Inequality'? The US growth machine has broken down: AEI

Scandal Central

Obama Administration Forced to Release Pentagon Benghazi Attack Documents: JW
Chapel Hill Shooting Victims’ Mosque Preached Jihad, Hosted Pro-ISIS Cleric in 2013: Creeping
California Provides 59,000 Immigrants With Driver's Licenses in First Month of 2015: NBC San Diego


BUSTED: We Have Axelrod’s Father’s Communist Party Membership : GotNews
WIN: Michelle Malkin Destroys Sarah Silverman On Twitter; Hilarity Ensues: DailySurge
Straight Aide To Tammy Baldwin May Sue For Sexual Discrimination: RWN


ISIS in Libya Threatens Rome, Hillary Clinton Hardest Hit: AmInt
Marie Harf has Turned all Democrats into Neocons: Leon Wolf
More Please: SDA

Obama Gives Islamic Salute at Muslim Terrorism Whitewashing Conference: MB
Why Would U.S. Officials Give ISIS Advanced Notice Of Mission Plans To Retake Mosul?: Treehouse
Afghan Taliban to meet US officials for talks in Qatar: sources: Noorullah Shirzada

European Colonialism is the Only Thing That Modernized Islam: Sultan Knish
ISIS Harvesting and Trafficking Body Parts: Reports: Clarion
Why the West Cannot Confront ISIS: Erick Erickson

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Revealed: The experts Apple hired to build an electric car: 9to5Mac
World’s largest SIM maker investigating claims US and British spies stole its encryption keys: TNW
Stunning Close-Up Comet Photos From Rosetta's High-Speed Flyby: Gizmodo


Our Trial Balloon Crashed Because You Morons Are Too Stupid To Get It: MOTUS
Obama: “I Am Not Incompetent”: Captain's Journal
Report: MLB Will Implement Three New Rule Changes To Speed Up Games: DeadSpin

Image: Giuliani Counters Criticism of Obama Comments: ‘This Isn’t Racism’
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QOTD: "Marie Harf wants to offer comfort, jobs, and income. But a lot of comfortable Westerners are joining ISIS because they want adventure, struggle, danger, and death. A jobs program for Lackcrapistan is not nearly as appealing as bringing on the second coming of Jesus.

If Marie Harf and her masters in Washington wish to transpose their own lack of faith, or secularized liberal “Christianity” on an Apocalyptic Death Cult, not only are they idiots, but our nation is screwed. We have no means of defeating an enemy who wants to end the world when we’re trying to figure out, instead, how to empathize with them and give them a seat at the table as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Marie Harf want to do.

In the spirit of the Real World, it is time to stop being polite and start getting real. Our foreign policy is being run by a bunch of naive fools who think the rest of the world, including third world apocalyptic death cults, thinks just like them." --Erick Erickson

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