Saturday, February 14, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Don’t Authorize Obama’s War

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Don’t Authorize Obama’s War: Matthew Continetti
Hey, Mitch McConnell: Why Not Use Reconciliation To Pass DHS Funding?: Lid
Conservatives 'Aren’t Scared' to Hold Fast on DHS Funding Bill: Kelsey Harkness

State Department decision puts Marine lives in jeopardy: James LaPorta
The Consequences of Not Calling Islamic Terrorism What It is: Ericka Anderson
President Selfie: Jon Gabriel

Court Can Save Millions from Illegal Obamacare Taxes: Phil Kerpen
Obama Illegal Aliens Program Pretty Much Includes Pathway To Citizenship: RWN
Justice Ginsburg explains nap: ‘I wasn’t 100% sober’ at State of the Union: BPR

Walker Leads the Field, Survey Finds: Ace
Scott Walker Didn't Finish College. And?: Mark Hemingway
Let’s eliminate federal budget deficits… forever: Sal Russo


For Every New Job, Two New Immigrants: CIS
Yep, Obamacare Costs a Fortune: Christopher Flavelle
Southern California Edison Workers Just More H-1B Roadkill: CIS

Scandal Central

Obama Amnesty Creates Another Loophole For Illegal Immigrants To Vote In Elections: WZ
IRS Admits They Will Pay Refunds To Illegal Aliens Who Never Paid Taxes: Treehouse
State Dept. On Weapons, Equipment Stolen in Yemen: “We Are Requesting They Be Returned”: RWN

Climate & Energy

Oregon Democrat Governor Kitzhaber Facing Green Energy Scandal: BlurBrain
Amid Influence-Peddling Scandal, Oregon Governor Resigns: NPR
The climate Comintern speaks: Benjamin Zycher


Old Media’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week: Ed Driscoll
Brian Williams: “I was at the Brandenburg Gate the night the wall came down”: JWF
Eugene Robinson Praises Hillary for Hiding from Questions and Not Taking Positions: WFB

Mark Levin: 'Our Rights Do Come From God': Michael Morris
The Credentialization of the Republic: Mark Steyn
Emily Miller under attack: This Ain't Hell


Islamic State takes over large portions of town near key airbase in Anbar: LWJ
While Obama Plays with Selfie Stick, ISIS Closes In on U.S. Marines in Iraq: Stephen Kruiser
Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel to Attend Netanyahu Speech to Congress: “How Can I Remain Silent?”: GWP

ISIS isn't the long term problem, Saudi Arabia is: John Robb
ISIS Inside the United States?: Joe Guzzardi
Iran, Syria and Hezbollah Continue Offensive Towards Israel’s Golan Heights Border: Algemeiner

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

HILARIOUS: Ted Cruz SPOOFS Obama on Net Neutrality: Scoop
Go to Prison for File Sharing? That's What Hollywood Wants: Gizmodo
Woman's stool transplant leads to 'tremendous weight gain': BBC


An Era of Bad Faith Ends: Daniel Greenfield
Truthiness and Job Rotation in the Political-Media Complex: MOTUS
The Husband Store: Diogenes

Image: While Obama Plays with Selfie Stick, ISIS Closes In on U.S. Marines in Iraq
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QOTD: "If you remember the timing, Barack Obama was on vacation in Martha's Vinyard at this time. He was on vacation forever. They beheaded the American James Foley, and he took five minutes off from golfing to halfheartedly pretend to be upset by that. Then he went back golfing.

Ferguson was burning during this time. And still he golfed...

...Days after an American was beheaded by a terrorist, Obama partied with his old terrorist pals, who were involved in a plan to plant bombs at an American Army dance in Fort Dix, NJ." --Ace

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