Thursday, February 26, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Amnesty Co-Conspirator Mitch McConnell

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Amnesty Co-Conspirator Mitch McConnell: Ben Howe
On the Value of Shooting Cowards: Leon Wolf
No Joke: White House Now Calling Illegal Immigrants “Americans-In-Waiting”: WZ

Illiberal approach to immigration only invites more acrimony: Victor Davis Hanson
Congress worried about ISIS as illegals kill Americans here daily: Ann Coulter
The Cancer of Multiculturalism: Walter Williams

Hillary’s Identity Crisis: Kevin D. Willamson
Scandal: Clinton Foundation Violated Ethics Agreement: TeaParty
Obama’s Illegals Could Get Up To $35K In Tax Benefits a Year: LoneCon

Trapped Democrats Can't Decide on Netanyahu Speech: Eli Lake, Josh Rogin
Columbia University rated most anti-Semitic campus in America: Victor Skinner
The Brooklyn Punks Who Dreamed of ISIS: Daily Beast


‘Right to Work’ bill passes Wisconsin Senate, lefties lose their minds: Twitchy
Government Debt on the Road to Ruin: Steve Chapman
Moonbat Vandy Law Prof Threatens To Shut Down Pro-Israel Event As Un-American: WZ

Scandal Central

Lois Lerner Received $129K in Bonuses: WFB
Vermont considering legal action against Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber: RedAlert
Chicago: Muslim student arrested after sexually assaulting woman ‘Fifty Shades’ style: Creeping


Politfact and Me: Intellectual dishonesty among the ‘fact-checkers’: Kevin D. Williamson
History’s Greatest Monster: A Scott Walker Presidency ‘Would Be a Disaster’: JWF
Will Media Apologize for Calling Scott Walker an Un-American Racist Dictator?: NB

Here Is The Damaging Al Sharpton Footage The Media Is Ignoring: HayRide
What If They Threw a Fall Premier Season and No One Showed Up?: Ace
Keith Olbermann suspended by ESPN after Penn State feud: Leonard Greene


New Secret Iranian Nuclear Facility Revealed: Ryan Mauro
Drones Over Paris: John Robb
Kerry questions Netanyahu's judgement over Iran deal: JPost

IDF Official: Hamas is Working Around the Clock to Prepare for Next Fight With Israel: Algemeiner
US, French Carriers Begin Combined Airstrikes Against ISIS: Military
Hezbollah campaign stalls on Syrian Golan Heights: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

FedEx Refuses to Ship CNC Machines To Gun Enthusiasts: Bob Owens
F-35 helmet uses retinal projection to give pilots a “God’s eye view”: Geek
Net Neutrality Protest Signs Call FCC Chair 'Obama's B*tch': TR


Coming Soon: Free Internet!: MOTUS
Obiter Dictum: Take out the trash
always worth listening to: Sondrakistan

Image: It apparently takes a village of corporate marketing specialists to tell voters who Hillary is
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QOTD: "Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin argued that the US was being “conquered” by the Mexican government on Monday.

Reacting to a report that the Mexican Consulate in Atlanta was processing applications for “matricula consular,” “have no U.S. legal status, but they can be used to open bank accounts and apply for loans in lieu of state-issued IDs or national passports” at a rate of “500 applications per day” and is “beefing up its mobile operations and adding a weekend and night shift to handle even more,” Levin said “so, we’re being conquered by the Mexican government, the corrupt, abusive, and authoritarian Mexican government.”

Levin further criticized those, in particular Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who were suggesting opponents of the president’s executive action on immigration should rely on the courts, and that claims of a DHS shutdown were a “flat out” lie." --Ian Hanchett

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