Sunday, February 15, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Rubio to Democrats: Don’t Boycott Netanyahu Speech

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Rubio to Democrats: Don’t Boycott Netanyahu Speech: LI
Copenhagen attacks and Western mixed messages: Commentator
House conservatives push McConnell to gut filibuster: Cristina Marcos

Washington Post Offers Up Five Myths Of Islamic Radicalization: William Teach
Must-see: Gingrich exposes radical Islam and its apologists: Israpundit
Expert: FBI ‘neutered’ by Muslim Brotherhood: Creeping

The Open Jihad: John Robb
Levin: Let's Talk About Biden, Kennedy, Gore, Kerry in College: Ian Hanchett
Texas GOP Rep: Obama ‘Deserves Impeachment’: DC

We Need A Cowboy, Not A Community Organizer: Average Joe
The Fall of the Southern Poverty Law Center: Rick Jensen
BATFE To Ban Common AR-15 Ammo: NRA


Illegal Aliens Could Get $24,000 in Taxpayer-Funded 'Amnesty Bonuses': TR
Another Artifact of Obamacare: Mish
Cornell students erupt over health care fee: Fox

Scandal Central

Why Did Obama’s FBI Just Release Chicago Bomb Plotter and Narco-Terrorist Emad Karakrah?: Publius
Video Of Obama Narcissistic Selfies, Shot On Same Day Kayla Mueller’s Death Is Announced: WZ
ATF proposes expanding ammo bans: David Codrea

Climate & Energy

Dem Billionaire Tom Steyer Has Deep Ties To The Oregon Green Scandal: WZ
It’s Too Cold To Protest Global Warming At Yale: DC
Why I So Totally Love Being Called a 'Climate Denier': James Delingpole


Black Grievance Month Gets Off to Delicious Start: Colin Flaherty
Death, Taxes, and Anacondas: Theodore Dalrymple
Halal and kosher food cart vendors argue over city streets: Post


One Dead, 3 Shot at Denmark Forum; Shooters Yelled In Arabic Before Attack: Sooper
Second Shooting Outside Synagogue Rocks Copenhagen; Police: Not Safe To Be Outside: WZ
Copenhagen Free Speech Meeting Leaves One Dead, Others Injured – Muslim Cartoonist Targeted: Treehouse

Third Shooting In Copenhagen, This Time, Police Kill Shooter: WZ
Copenhagen Victim: Jewish Community Member Guarding Synagogue During Bat-Mitzva: Algemeiner
Secret Iranian weapon supply unit revealed: JPost

ISIS Parades 17 Kurdish Fighters In Cages Through City, ‘To Be Burned Alive’: WZ
Muslims Planned to Stab Blondes in the Kidneys in Foiled Aussie Jihad Plot: WAW
Why can't Britain see the real problem with the NHS?: Commentator

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Infoporn: Proof That the FDA Isn’t Protecting Americans’ Health: Nick Stockton
Making water a renewable resource: Ars Technica
FBI really doesn’t want anyone to know about “stingray” use by local cops: Cyrus Farivar


Everyone Lies About Foreign Relations: MOTUS
Onward Christian Blamers: 90 Miles
REPORT: Mayweather And Pacquiao Have Agreed To Blockbuster Fight Worth $250 Million: Uproxx

Image: Gunman maybe inspired by Paris attacks: police
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QOTD: "Note the backdrop of [Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's] speech: ISIS burns a Jordanian pilot alive, and the president declares that American Christians have to get off their “high horse”; the president declares an attack on a kosher deli in Paris to be “random,” and ISIS executes an American hostage. Now the Democrats and the White House are declaring that this is what they really deem intolerable and unacceptable." --Jim Geraghty

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RUBIO should go kiss Schumer's ring for being the water boy for illegals amnesty

Rubio should run as a democrat