Thursday, February 19, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Intentionally Overloading Immigration System, Creating Back Door for Jihadists

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Overloaded Immigration System Creating Back Door for Jihadists: Joseph John
Tsarnaev Brothers Mosque Partnered with the Obama White House: S&L
Obama: America Must Make Muslims Feel More Comfortable: TR

DHS IG: 5,000 Aliens in Release Program Committed Crimes, Fled: Breitbart
Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘Suddenly Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy seems resolute’: Twitchy
Obama’s Boycott of Netanyahu is Collapsing: Algemeiner

Walker Mocks Hillary's Ivy League Education: Daniel Halper
Rubio Abandons GOP Position, Caves To Obama Executive Amnesty: Breitbart
Congress Fiddles While The World Burns: NoisyRm

Reliving The 1930s: Victor Davis Hanson
Michigan Man Stabs Two After Confiming They Were Not Muslim: Clarion
"What's with the white hat?": Daniel Bice


How much debt does your state have?: Jason Russell
Union dues deductions on chopping block in Oklahoma: RS
Thursday: Unemployment Claims, Philly Fed Mfg Survey: Bill McBride

Scandal Central

Part I Of V – Under Obama: The U.S. Captured By The Muslim Brotherhood: NoisyRm
Obama Appoints Terrorist Supporter to Head Up New Counterterrorism Messaging Center: Pamela Geller
Herridge: Internal Gov't Emails Show 'Genuine Panic' During Yemen Evacuation: Fox

Climate & Energy

Jim Hansen’s 99% Surety on Global Warming Doesn’t Hold Up: WUWT
Niagara Falls freezes over as extreme winter weather continues: Chris Spargo


Media Gets Serious Case of Butt Hurt Over Rudy Giuliani Speaking Truth: Erick Erickson
How Many Brian Williams Lies Have Been Uncovered? 32, So Far: BlurBrain
Dana Loesch Mocks State Dept’s #JobsForISIS Plan by Holding a ‘Jihadi Job Fair’: GWP

CNN chief tries to salvage network’s news cred but Nielson numbers don’t back him: BPR
Attention All Members of the Media: Erick Erickson
Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign: F. W. Burleigh


The Muslim Brotherhood-ISIS Connection: Arnold Ahlert
Holder: Little to Be Gained by Calling Islamic Terrorism 'Islamic Terrorism': CNS
As Obama Vacillates, ISIS Continues Its Brutal March to Europe’s Doorsteps: RS

Good News, Marie Harf: ISIS Finds Jobs--By Harvesting Organs of its Victims: JWF
State Department spokeswoman digging hole to rival the Grand Canyon: LI
Muslim Leader Who Called Israel a ‘Suspect’ After 9/11 Meets with Biden at White House: WFB

North Korea Flight Tests New Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile: WFB
The Real Threat to Europe: Bassam Tawil
Hamas's New Army of Children: Khaled Abu Toameh

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Nobel Peace Prize Winner To Sell Armed Drones To More Countries: DefenseOne
Amazon Web Services dominates cloud survey, but Microsoft Azure gains traction: GeekWire
These Are The 12 Top #JobsForISIS: DC


ISIS: They’re Just Like You and Me: MOTUS
“Ever seen a photo of a pregnant Michelle Obama?”: SHTFplan
12 Posters Depicting The Failure That Is Hillary!: Michael Haltman

Image: 12 Posters Depicting The Failure That Is Hillary!
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QOTD: "During the ratification debates advocates of the Constitution publicly listed examples of activities over which the federal government would have no authority. They did so to inform and reassure Ratifiers and members of the general public about the limited scope of federal power. Among the activities listed as within the exclusive sphere of the states were marriage, divorce, and other aspects of domestic relations; manufacturing (necessarily including labor relations); other business enterprises; agriculture and other land use; land titles and conveyancing; property outside of interstate trade; commerce wholly within state lines; state and local government; the regulation of most crimes and civil suits; social services; training the militia and appointing militia officers; religion; and education."

The U.S. Constitution would not have been ratified without these assurances by the Federalists about the actual meanings of many of the constitution's clauses...Nine of thirteen states ratified the Constitution on condition of those Federalist assurances." --Constitutional Law Professor Robert Natelson

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