Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Who Ya Gonna Believe? Us or Your Own Severed Head?

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Who Ya Gonna Believe? Us or Your Own Severed Head?: Mark Steyn
State Dept. blames uptick in ritual human sacrifices on unemployment: Moe Lane
Marie Harf and Those She Represents are Damn Naive Fools: Erick Erickson

The ‘Jobs For Jihad Delinquents’ Program: Michelle Malkin
Pelosi leads House delegation to totalitarian slave state of Cuba: Cristina Marcos
Virginia Dems Run Away From Vote to Support Israel: WFB

5 Key Findings From The Injunction Blocking Obama's Amnesty: Conn Carroll
They Will Continue Lying to You, Forever: Ace
Obama family's separate weekend trips trips cost at least $2.5m: DailyMail

How Much Else Was Missed?: Erick Erickson
Shame: Walter Williams
Anti-gun kook David Malik arrested at airported with gun: Clash


End H-1B visa program's abuse: LAT
Great Moments in Lobbying: Coyote
NLRB changes accelerate the union election process: Beth Slagle

Scandal Central

Obama is the “Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom in a Generation” – NYT Reporter James Risen: Sooper
Oregon Democrats John Kitzhaber And Kate Brown Share Much in Common: 5440
HHS extends Obamacare deadline for some enrollees after computer glitch and long waits: DailyMail


NYT: Iraqi WMD existed and the CIA bought them: RS
Left winger guns down Muslims, the left blames white people: RS
Comedian David Axelrod claims Obama White House hasn't had a major scandal: Breitbart

Top 10 Astroturfers: Sharyl Attkisson
Black Muslim Commits Hate Crime, WaPo Writes It Up As An Anti-Muslim Hate Crime: VDARE
Marcus Luttrell Explains How Many Marines It Would Take to Take Down All Of ISIS: IJR


Challenge antisemitism (Deutsche Welle): Elder of Ziyon
Iran's Views of Jews and the U.S.: Lawrence A. Franklin, Gatestone
Italy Mobilizes 5,000-Strong Military Force to Fight ISIS in Libya: Breitbart

Is Israel the Problem, or Are Jews the Problem?: Ben Shapiro
Islam As A Victim Civilization: Mona Charen
Step One: Identify the Enemy: Springer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Cometh the Censor: Fred on Everything
Destroying your hard drive is the only way to stop this super-advanced malware: Jeremy Kirk
Neuroscientists Discover ESP — But Is That A Good Thing?: Steven Kotler


“Who Dealt This Mess Anyway?”: MOTUS
Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds return to Celebrity Jeopardy: SNL40/Mediate
Fifty Shades of Government: a fact-based romantic comedy: Cube

Image: Fifty Shades of Government: a fact-based romantic comedy
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QOTD: "It is quite possible that, by the time Obama leaves office, no other country on Earth will have gained quite so much as Iran. . . . The United States is changing the terms of its relations with Iran and triggering a strengthening of that country economically and politically." --David Rothkopf

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