Monday, November 02, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Georgia's Growing Problem with Violent Illegal Aliens

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Georgia's Growing Problem with Violent Illegal Aliens: New English Review
America's Soft Tyranny is Hardening: Patricia McCarthy
Nearly Half of Obamacare Co-Ops Have Failed: Ali Meyer

The Deceit and Lawlessness Just Keep on Coming: Gary Hancock
He’s in league with the Democrats: Robert Romano
When irresistible voter anger meets immovable partisan division: Michael Barone

POWER RANKINGS: It's now Marco's world, with Cruz rising: Timothy P. Carney
GOP Campaigns Cut RNC Out of Debate Process: Matthew Boyle
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for Cruz coming from the strangest places: Reaganite

Baltimore Mayor: Bring on the refugees to save dying city!: Ann Corcoran
15 Wounded In Gun-Free Chicago Shootings Since Friday Evening: WZ
Michigan: County Violated Constitutional Rights of Christians: Creeping


Education: A Winning Issue for Republicans: Josh Gelernter
'In the long run our system will collapse': The Local se
Utah nonprofit co-op’s collapse illustrates Obamacare’s Big Lie.: Moe Lane

Scandal Central

Hillary Clinton's lies about Benghazi disqualify her for presidency: Washington Examiner
Looking at the latest round of Hillary's emails: RS
Marco Rubio’s Donor-Class Agenda – Open Border Globalists: Treehouse

Hillary Too Big To Jail? Nonsense! They Have an Orange Pantsuit in Just Her Size: RWN
Here Are 16 Times Obama Promised No "Boots On The Ground" In Syria: ZH
White House Panicked as Even Michelle is Embroiled in Scandal: Coach is Right

Climate & Energy

Climate science frauds try to hide data from Congress: RS
Justice Kennedy will decide the EPA climate plan's fate: John Siciliano
NASA study: Antarctic ice increasing faster than warming can melt it, but panic anyway: Doug Powers


Reclaim the Debates: Ending ties with NBC should be just step one for Reince Priebus: Mark Corallo
Analysis: CNBC’s Agenda Designed To Make GOP Candidates Look Stupid: Robert Gehl
NPR: Non-entity Kasich gets more GOP debate talk time than Trump and Cruz: FAM

The Best Debate Ever: Derek Hunter
‘Had some fun and no reporters were shot’: Ted Cruz reflects on Saturday pheasant hunt : Twitchy
Non-Entity Kasich Thinks the CNBC Debate Was Awesome: Leon H. Wolf


Did Hillary’s Libyan “Rebels” Just Shoot Down A Passenger Plane?: Treehouse
Europe’s Migration Policies Threaten Jews and All Europeans: Judith Bergman
IDF warns soldiers against CIA recruitment efforts: Times of Israel

Israel is Avoiding the Abyss, For Now: Jonathan Spyer
Syrian rebels use caged civilians, fighters to deter airstrikes: Thomas Joscelyn
Controversial Erdogan wins re-election in Turkey: Curt Mills

China takes over the sea and ‘Bamlet’ dithers — again: Ralph Peters
Why the Arab Spring Failed: the Cultural Roots of the Arab Predicament: Jonathan W. Pidluzny
1937: ‘Palestine Arabs’ Celebrate Mohammed’s Birthday With Pictures of Hitler, Mussolini: Algemeiner

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

How Does a Patriot Hacker Tell Time? Check this out!: Liberty Speaks
GM And Google To Team Up On Autonomous Cars?: Trevor Collett
British Researchers Make Lighter, Cheaper, Longer Lithium-oxygen Batteries: Aaron Cole


Black Hawk tragedy: Orders were ignored and 11 men died: Kevin Lilley
Adriani Relandi's trip to 'Palestine' A.D. 1699 revisited.: MFS-TON
Hurrah for the cleaner who acccidentally threw away a modern art exhibit: Rod Liddle

Image: Fred Thompson, with larger-than-life persona, dies at 73
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #SaveOurConstitution: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "The school districts of most big cities are awful, but two stand out as utter, pathetic failures: Cleveland and Detroit. In Cleveland, 90 percent of students are unable to read “proficiently”; 91 percent are non-proficient at math. Detroit, remarkably, is even worse: 93 percent of kids fail at reading and 96 percent fail at math. It’s staggering.

Cleveland has had Democratic mayors for the last 25 years. Detroit has had Democratic mayors for the last 63 years. It’s hard to imagine that either city could be run worse — but Republicans barely contest mayoral elections in either. The last mayor’s race in each city featured two candidates who were both Democrats. No Republican thinks he would have a chance in either city. No Republican has the requisite ambition.

In 2012, nine of ten blacks voted Democratic, along with seven of ten Hispanics. As of 2010, Cleveland was 63 percent black and Hispanic, and Detroit was 89 percent black and Hispanic. In the minds of Republicans, those numbers represent an insurmountable obstacle. But they shouldn’t. Education is the number-one issue among both black and Hispanic voters, and the Democrats they overwhelmingly support have in no area failed more overwhelmingly than in education. Education is the number-one issue among both black and Hispanic voters, and the Democrats they overwhelmingly support have in no area failed more overwhelmingly than in education. What makes Republicans think that black and Hispanic voters have more loyalty to party than to self-interest? If that were the case, black voters would never have begun supporting the Democratic party in the first place — they would have stayed loyal to the Grand Old Party that ended slavery." --Josh Gelernter

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Anonymous said...

McCarthy opines that: "We are semi-officially a lawless, soft (but hardening) tyranny."
"If a piece of cheese has mold growing on it should I throw the cheese away?" The answer is generally "yes", unless it is hard cheese then the outer growth can be cut off and the cheese enjoyed.
Americans must decide when it is time to act. If the whole lump becomes corrupt, everything must go in the garbage. If the resolve of good men hardens, then the corruption can be cut away.