Friday, November 06, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Watch Ted Cruz Destroy Harry Reid Over Democrat Opposition To Kate's Law

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Watch Ted Cruz Destroy Harry Reid Over Opposition To Kate's Law: Hannity
Christie, Huckabee cut from primetime debate: Curt Mills
The GOP’s Primary Rules Might Doom Carson, Cruz And Trump: David Wasserman

Obamacare is Dead***: Kevin D. Williamson
Obamacare: the Gift That Keeps on Taking: Jim Quinn
Levin: Obama to 'blanket pardon' convicts before election: Douglas Ernst

One Neat Fact That Will Keep Hillary Clinton From Winning the Presidency: RS
Cruz Tax Plan: Economically, Politically Revolutionary; Intellectually Dominating: MagNote
Yes, Barack Obama Has Been Terrible for Democrats Nationwide: Erick Erickson

Louisiana: Syrian Muslim Invasion Begins in New Orleans: Creeping
Who’s Burning Black Churches? Oh.: Michelle Malkin
Once more with ‘the vision thing’: Cal Thomas


Obamatrade hands over U.S. sovereignty to international panel: Curtis Ellis
Obamatrade's Preamble Backs Government Ownership of Business: Terence P. Jeffrey
5 Troubling Things Just Revealed in the Secretive Obamatrade Agreement: Kelsey Rupp


US could have had a $270 Billion surplus this year if spending at pre-Obama levels: CainTV
Remember when TSA Failed 95% of tests?: WeaponsMan
N.Y. CO-OP exiles face confusion, dash for new coverage: Allison Bell

Scandal Central

Obama Threatens Executive Action to Close Guantanamo, Bring Terrorists to US: Morgan Chalfant
IRS Policy Labels Illegal-Alien ID Thieves as "Borrowers": Bryan Griffith
TSA airport screeners’ ability to detect weapons declared “pitiful”: David Kravets

Climate & Energy

That Global Warming Sure Causes a Lot of Arctic Ice: AWD
The Pause lengthens again – just in time for Paris: Christopher Monckton
Al Gore, media wrong: U.S. Hurricane Drought Now One Decade and Counting: Anthony Watts


Illegal Alien Activists, Astroturfers, and YouTube Censoring American Majority: Treehouse
Okay, Who Ordered the Mexican Heroin?: Ann Coulter
Listen: Mark Levin Just Hit Obama With This Huge Dare: B. Christopher Agee

“Because I just said!” Reporter Kicked Out of Immigration Rally for…Asking Questions: Amy Miller
Ralph Peters: Obama Hates America, Doesn’t Care About American Casualties or Defeating ISIS: Nice Deb
Canada: Maclean’s puts Muslim terrorist who killed American on cover of mag: Creeping


Iran: U.S. Must Pay Reparations to Islamic Republic: Adam Kredo
Palestinians, not Israelis, Need the Gospel of Peace: Jagdish N. Singh
America Toppled: Putin World’s Most Powerful Man (Again): Joe Cunningham

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Pentagon Contractors Developing Lethal Cyber Weapons: Nextgov
Did a nuclear missile get rear-ended in Montana?: Stephen Losey
Putin joins the EU in declaring war on American data centers: Neil Stevens


These Are The Cards You’ve Been Dealt: Aaron Clarey
Sheriff David Clark: “Deal with it…”: MOTUS
Murder, Cheat, And F*** Your Way Through Boston: Clickhole

***  Yes, I'm a bigger man than @KevinNR.
Image: Canada: Maclean’s puts Muslim terrorist who killed American on cover of mag
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #RestoreOurConstitution: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "Barack Obama was an empty vessel into which people poured their own hopes, dreams, and ambitions. He’s left the nation more divided on racial lines, less tolerant of regional and cultural differences, weaker abroad, and more impoverished at home. There’s your fundamental transformation — a fundamental trasformation now at work in American politics rendering the Democratic Party more homogeneously leftwing and also less able to win elections." --Erick Erickson

Bonus QOTD: "We all know that the availability of heroin and cocaine on our streets is because our borders are a sieve. I would like to believe that if the communists were still alive and well, and they were pushing bombs into communities that could cause the havoc, the pain and the cost that drugs are, that somehow the secretary of state ... would be involved." --Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), 1992

1 comment:

AnechoicRoom said...

"*** Yes, I'm a bigger man than @KevinNR."

(Snarc response: that's a low hurdle).

It's a badge. A BADGE of HONOR, Sir. Wear it, wear it proud. I wouldn't now be a blogger, were it not for Chuckles Yawnson, weedle gween foosballs. Kicking me off his site (ten years ago). For standing up to his rabid attack dogs/in thread. That's how I got my start. No ego. Or belief in self/have something to say/have something worthy (to say). More along the lines of .... shut yo'self the fook up maggot.

"fairly well-thought and reasoned, reasonably eloquent, and notionally devoid of cartoonish nomenclature" [well, that lets me out :-) ]

At some point, it was no longer about me, at all. But merely/only. Trying. To save the Country. Before. Before it was too late. Which I do believe, it now is.

I was aghast. Stunned. Floored. When I came across one of the most shoddy and amateurish pieces (of dookie). By Jonah/NRO. Not very long ago (I might of even blogged about it?). He, Jonah, blanket condemning the cop (Slager). Within days of the event. By a (standard libwuhl) knee jerk response, to the vid. With ABSOLUTE ZERO UNDERSTANDING, of the underlying elements (let alone, taking the time to). Gathering the facts .... i.e. the real, actual precursor/multiple attacks [on Slager (one, with his own tazer)]. Prior to the one single solitary event, seen on the vid (dead man, no longer walks, why? Cuz he F I R S T tried to kill the cop. Repeatedly).

Trust yourself Doug. Trust in G*d (though rumour has it ... he's on vacation). Keep a watchful wary eye. On e v e r y o n e else! They are ALL New York Minutes now.