Thursday, November 05, 2015

The Very Thin-Skinned, Sensitive and High-Strung @KevinNR

Kevin D. Williamson of National Review is a talented writer.

Over the years, I've offered him many plaudits. In fact, our prestigious jury awarded Williamson blogging's highest honor in 2014 ("Blog Post of the Year") and 2013 ("Columnist of the Year").

So it would seem rather odd to see this today:

Which I assume is the result of a critical column I wrote in July, entitled, "Maybe Kevin D. Williamson Should be Writing for Politico."

I consider that particular critique fairly well-thought and reasoned, reasonably eloquent, and notionally devoid of cartoonish nomenclature (as opposed to tarring an individual who believes in Separation of Powers a "WHINO" as Williamson did, which prompted my response).

Blocking a blogger for objecting to name-calling seems quite fitting for Democrats, and therefore the GOP establishment. It seems rather odd for a so-called conservative (he writes for National Review, ya know) to use such a measure.

But, given NR's well-documented drift leftward, this kind of reactionary and insecure measure shouldn't really come as any surprise.

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Barry Popik said...

Bad stuff, blocking someone.

There are real enemies. The 5,000-page-plus of the TPP was released today. It's made so that no one can read it or understand it. Once it passes, the United States will be no more. We need both of you, fighting together.

By the way, I am the authority on the subject of whether the hot dog is a sandwich. (It is.) I wrote a book on why it's called a "hot dog." Everyone has something to say about this today. Boy, do these distractions work.

Doom said...

I realized long ago that NR/NRO was done. I put a fork in it and forgot about it. I recommend others do the same. Proof is always in the pudding. Of course, you can choose to support backstabbing "moderates" who never seem to be on, or even know, what the right side is. But that is a risky behavior. Might as well just stick with being friends with Dems (who know they are dems/socialists).