Thursday, November 05, 2015


By Karl Denninger

Let me explain what you're not seeing reported about the European situation right here, right now.

There are millions of immigrants coming into the EU.  Germany alone has apparently taken in close to 800,000.  The story being sold to the population is that these are just people from a war-ravaged part of the world seeking a better life.  The first part may be true, the rest is bunk.  There are, on some weekends, over ten thousand migrants coming over one border (Hungary) alone and virtually none have an interest in remaining there.  They are all concentrating in the places where they believe the handouts (not opportunity) will be greatest.

But that is not the bad part.

No, the bad part is that these are not, for the most part, refugees from a war.  The demography doesn't match that profile; war refugees trend female, very young (children) and very old (men past the age of productive resistance to the war in their own country.)  These "refugees" are the exact polar opposite of that demographic profile; they trend male and of fighting age.

It only gets worse from there.  These are also not healthy, first-world people.  Many have communicable diseases, almost none have been immunized (against anything) and they're all concentrating in relatively-small areas.  This has the potential to be a health disaster of unprecedented size and scope in the developed world.

If it ended there it would be bad enough, but it doesn't and won't.  If these people are allowed to stay they are the demographic anchors for the remainder that did not come.  Those are the women and children who will immediately migrate if the men are allowed to stay, and they will do what men and women do once together; in other words, create a population explosion.

And then the really bad news comes: Virtually none, and I do mean none, of these people have any intention of assimilating into the cultures where they "migrated" to.  They have every intention of planting their culture in those places and demographically guaranteeing its survival.

These are not stupid people, but the governments and people in these nations are stupid.  They believe these are "refugees" for the most part.  They are not.  They are an invading army that requires no guns as they've been invited in exactly as the Greeks were in Troy -- except they don't have to hide inside a wooden horse.

How are the people of Europe going to stop it, if they haven't stopped it by now?  Good question -- but they had better stop it, because if they don't what is considered western civilization in Europe is about to end; first by disease and pestilence and then by revolution from inside.

Don't kid yourself folks, and don't kid yourself about it not coming here.  It most-certainly will; if not in the form of "refugees" than in an actually-worse form -- people with college educations and no debt from third-world nations displacing hundreds of thousands of indebted American young adults!

Now here's why: We have a bunch of politicians who understand exponents.

You may refuse to wake the **** up and do the math, but they have done so. They know that the promises they made depend on ever-forward exponential expansion of resource, especially cheap labor, but that's impossible as the land we live on is finite in resource, size and mass.

They believe they can import votes and through handouts control it.  They think they're in control, in short, but they are not -- the people invading know damn well what they're doing and are exploiting their stupidity.

Europe is finished within a decade if they don't put a cork in this now, and we're not far behind. There is a point beyond which a literal civil war will be the only way to reverse the trend and nobody in their right mind wants that to happen.  The only other alternative will be to submit to being part of a Caliphate.

This isn't conspiracy theory folks -- it's arithmetic.



Anonymous said...

Even many of the sages and seers bbbbblind. Deef. On the air, unaware. Sad that. The growing bleak reality on the home front, lost on simply far too many of the citizenry (as well). Who have ZERO interest in "politics." And you can't make them. Too late some will awaken (like when there's an explosive epidemic of rape, courtesy King Pigsh*t's latest import).

This ship's going down.

I wish (and often pray), I'm wrong. My heart so broken. I never thought, dreamed, or imagined. I would live anywhere else. Let alone die.

Evil is. And it is here.


Anonymous said...

Europe will revert to its historic norm of total war and we'll see camps and cattle cars once again. The only question at this point is who will be in the camps....and that will likely be directly related to how long they are able to tamp down the war.

Reliapundit said...

The leaxers of europe who are facilitating the Islamic invasion are not stupid; they are postmodern transnationalists who hate nationalism and want it destroyed and hate western civilization and want it destroyed.


Here's why they want the west destroyed:

TPS said...

I am flabbergasted what is happening to Europe.

Now, that said, I want no violence among the Europeans, and wish for political solutions.

However, being a student of history, I know human nature. So it surprises me given all that is underway that there are no Archdukes lying bloody in the back of a car next to a dead wife (or Germany's case, a dead husband). Who will be this generation's Gavrilo Princip?

Brian G. said...

This is an appalling racist, hateful, and fear mongering article. The increased diversity in Europe is no threat to them or us. Diversity is strength. The Muslims will co-exist with the Europenas just fine. Frankly, I think the author of this article should be investigated and arrested for a hate crime for spreading false racist and xenophobic right wing propaganda.

Anonymous said...

What can we, the people, do to stop this?

Anonymous said...

Brian G

This is the United States. We have freedom of speech guaranteed in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. People are allowed to express opinions without being thrown in jail by the government. What you are suggesting is tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Brian G. You are an idiot. This will only end in bloodshed. Get out of your cloud cuckoo dreams and start looking at the real world.

Grow the F*** up!

bhoddisatva said...

I'm glad to see Brian G isn't shy about his authoritarian and illiberal views.

Anonymous said...

eff europe. My family had to move out of that racist dump long ago. Now they're importing replacements to catalogue and classify as 'others' and 'lessers than' because no one else would ever move back and put up with their intolerant, inbred bs. Just can't live without an underclass to alienate and oppress. Choke on it, Euros.

Bluesman125 said...

Tell me you are being sarcastic/ironic. Please tell me you aren't really advocating the arrest of a writer for his opinion.

You may have any opinion you like re: the thesis of this article. But to call for fascism and repression to counter thought-crime is as alien to Enlightenment values as are the people coming across Europe's so-called borders, the ones you say are going to co-exist with their hosts just fine...even though evidence refuted your groundless claim.

If you prefer life in a totalitarian police state that arrests writers for views the state finds objectionable, I'm sure vacancies are coming open by tens of thousands per day. Or so I'm told. You can probably pick up some great real estate bargains, as long as you don't write anything risky or controversial. But that doesn't seem like your style.

Off you go.

finbar said...

The shocked and suffering in Paris this early morning have experienced horrendous terror. Massive numbers of "refugees" coming into the EU will not help the new mindset among a growing number of residents.