Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Death of the Individual

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The Death of the Individual: Doc Zero
Rationing Czar Ezekiel Emanuel: U.S. has too much health care: BlogProf
Chris Dodd continues to hide his health care bill: WSJ

Obama's Next Big Push: AT (Cary)
Why Dems don't dare cross the trial lawyers: Examiner
HR3200 - Day 2 (Enhanced Penalties): LegalIns

White House sued for fishy email program: AT
Retail Health Clinics: Free Market Bending the Cost Curve: Verum
Prince of Lies: AT (Griffing)


I'm not sure whether this is right...: Power Line
Obama's lobbyist curbs are political, watchdog told: Times
Health Care Bill's $10 Billion Union Health Care Subsidy: BizzyBlog


American Royalty: Crittenden
Profit is Theft: Double Plus Undead
The end to two grim fairy tales: Lucianne

Sunday Times: TigerHawk
MSNBC Hosts Can't Defend Krazy Keith: JWF
Top Ten Other Reasons David Brooks So Enthuses Over Obama: Ace

Two sides of Hope and Change: Wizbang
Taking Conor Freakin'Dork To A Higher Level: Riehl

Climate & Energy

$3 million bribery scheme in the Chevron-Ecuador Environmental Lawsuit: BMW
Cap-and-trade can’t bridge gap between unions and enviros: Examiner
Boston Globe: Kennedy's Gone, So Hurry Up With That Cape Cod Wind Farm: BlogProf


A Heroic Death, Without the Headlines: WaPo
Trading a Terrorist for Oil: What Did Barack Obama Know?: PJM (Radosh)
Naomi Wolf Discovers That Shrouds Are Sexy: PJM (Chesler)

Syria Responds To Obama Outreach By Lighting Up Iraq: MereRhetoric
What 100,000 Hamas Campers Did This Summer: Learn To Kill: Elder
'We need more helicopters': Yon


Don't let a president turn off the Internet.: Examiner


Carrie Prejean sues Miss California pageant for religious discrimination: GWP
Extreme Car Stunts: IZI
We Should Train Our Politicians Like We Train Our Dogs: PJM (Fleming)

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