Thursday, October 01, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: More like welfare than a stimulus program

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Governing 101: Attack Fox News: Patterico
'Safe Schools' Czar regrets not reporting statutory rape: GWP
ACORN elected Al Franken: Kaus

Dems kill ID requirement for immigrants' health care: GWP
Where ya gonna go?: Cold Fury
Does Andrew Young have the Edwards sex tape?: Ace

U.S. Panel Chides Holder Over Panther Case: Times
Sacrifice: Oprah and I flying in AF1 for the children: Ace
Obama paying off debts with Olympic jaunt: NewEd

Where are the original OKC bombing videoapes?: BMW
Who is donating to Charlie Crist and why?: Tackett
State Dept.: Gitmo Terorrists are 'Refugees': Atlas


Corpse of a Thousand Houses: Reason
Obama's fabricated 'work' experience: AT (Lasky)
More like welfare than 'stimulus': VirtRep

Social Security Train Wreck is at the Station: PJM (Blumer)
FEMA Grant to ACORN is Offensive: BigGov (Vitter)
Why did BofA pay ACORN?: PJM (Yates)

Unsustainable: 47% of households owe no taxes: CNN


Filmmakers trump children: Pundette
AP: Fox Doing Well Because It Is Hateful, CNN Down 26% Because It's Fair And Balanced Or Something: BlogProf
Beautiful! Journalist to be given award named for Soviet agent: McClatchy Watch

Can anyone explain why defending a child rapist is the liberal cause du jour?: R&R
What If Roman Polanski Had Raped Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?: Verum Serum
At the risk of setting off the Corner's Star Trek meter, think of liberals as Gorgan: Corner

Remember that fabulous 'Bush will launch a coup' talk?: LegalIns
Want Some Real Reporting, Conservatives? You’ll Have to Pay for It.: Sundries
Cantor: Obama has not met with GOP leaders since May: Times

Climate & Energy

Change! Dems reward GE and MSNBC in Climate Bills: GWP


No shortage of jawing with Iran... for 30 years: Crittenden
Sarkozy Sees Obama As Incredibly Naive & Grossly Egotistical: GWP
From Zelaya backer, an admission Honduras got it right: PJM

Has Obama already accepted that Iran has the bomb?: PJM (Moran)
Saw Terrorist, Sank Same: Surber


Dumb blog spam comments: Parkway


"Awesome" photo a hit for Westminster birder: Denver Post
Sharpton, Jackson Confess to Own Racism: Cube
Weeeeeeeeeeeee're baaaaaaaaaaack: Denny

9/12: Cube Goes to Washington: Cube

Petty and Classless is no way to go through Life: "The president had his first foray into the byzantine world of U.N. politics last week and walked away cheered on by the anti-America crowd.

He appeased the delegations led by tyrants and petty dictatorships by condemning President Bush and spelling out how his administration is going to be different.

President Obama was applauded by Castro, Chavez, and Gadhafi (no friends of ours) when he said he wanted a "new era of engagement in the world." Are either of those three dictators going to be better world citizens or kinder, gentler leaders as a result of Obama's outreach? Put me in the doubtful column.

No American president has ever stood before the U.N. body and condemned his predecessor or American foreign policy in such a way. President Bush, like every president before him made some mistakes, but he did not deserve this put down." -- Ed Rollins

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