Friday, July 10, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Federal Judge threatens to hold DHS Secretary in contempt

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Federal Judge threatens to hold DHS Secretary in contempt: Kemberlee Kaye
“Payback’s a Bitch”: Rural Wisdom and the Gathering Storm: Fred Reed
ISIS: 0, Ted Kennedy: Too Many to Count: Ann Coulter

The Art of the Non-Answer: Springer
Hillary Suddenly Changes Tunes on Sanctuary Cities: Frank Camp
Unhinged Pelosi: "We Will Hang Them By That (Confederate) Flag!": DC Whispers

Donald Trump and the Class War Within the GOP: Ace
Another Reason for the Rise of Trump: Erick Erickson
‘The Christie Type of Judges’ Are Liberal: Carrie Severino

Estrangement from the truth a problem for Hillary: Jonah Goldberg
Maine Becomes Sixth Constitutional Carry State: Stephen Gutowski
“A Republic, If You Can Keep It.” Can We? Will We?: David Limbaugh


For the Want of a Budget Gimmick, the Kingdom Was Lost: Thomas Donnelly
Rick Perry: stop paying sanctuary cities to defy federal law.: Moe Lane
Obama just voided all zoning laws, put HUD in charge of your town: WyBlog

Scandal Central

The IRS scandal just got even worse: Post
Turns out Mitt Romney was right, and OPM Director Katherine Archuleta was wrong.: Moe Lane
Arpaio: 112 Illegals Committed Murder in US After They Were Supposed to be Deported: GWP

Climate & Energy

Five governors to defy Obama’s executive order?: Unyielding
Guess Who Writes the Oppressive EPA Rules in the War on Coal: Sara Noble
You Will Never Guess What The EPA Might Regulate Next: Tom Borelli


Megyn Kelly Eviscerates Obama Administration’s Refusal to Crack Down on Sanctuary Cities: Curtis Houck
New York Times Snubs Ted Cruz's New Book from Bestsellers List: Breitbart
Jonah Goldberg Points And Splutters At Trump; Trump Responds: A.W. Morgan

The New York Times’ War on Ted Cruz: Brian Sikma
Now Democrats Want to Ban Words ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’–No, We Are Serious: RWN
Nobel Prize winning NYT economist warns US to avoid what ruined Greece: Doug Powers

"Hello, Suckers!" The Left vs The Nice: American Digest
Of Donuts, Divas and Celebrity Tantrum-itis: Michelle Malkin
Host of America’s Most Wanted has a Great Solution to Prevent Crimes Committed by Illegals: YC


Another way Iran is running circles around Obama: Michael Rubin
The Democrats’ Trump Card: Mona Charen
Anti-Semitism On The Rise In France Is It Time For French Jews To Leave The Country?: WZ

Daniel Pipes: “The Left is the biggest threat to the United States.”: Ann-Marie Murrell
Jihadists see divine approval in suicide bombing: Thomas Joscelyn
One Day’s Headlines: Anti-Semitism in Korea, Argentina, Croatia, Palestinian: LI

Information Warfare: Why America Remains Vulnerable To China: StrategyPage
Hope and Change in Obama’s Cuba: 563 violent political arrests in June: Alberto de la Cruz
Spain Government Goes Full Police State: Tim Cushing

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

What is Code?: Paul Ford
Army Developing a Star Wars-like Hoverbike to Transport Soldiers: Mike Hoffman
New York Stock Exchange was knocked offline by hackers linked to Anonymous: John McAfee


Bernie Sanders' early days in Vermont: His life, loves and circuitous route to politics: Jess Wisloski
Obama Screws Up History, White House Transcript Hides Gaffe: Tammy Bruce
Obama: “We’re speeding up training of ISIL forces”: Robert Spencer

Image: Jihadists see divine approval in suicide bombing
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QOTD: "A felony registry for illegal aliens wouldn’t really be all that difficult to implement, and it would keep officials from playing the blame game between ICE and city officials like San Francisco did in the recent illegal alien murder. Those of use who want absolute border control face intense headwinds from our spineless leaders, but this is something I think most Americans would agree on." --John Walsh


AnechoicRoom said...

Fred on Everything/'Payback's a Bitch'

"And then there is govt. corruption, the realization that Washington is entirely in the hands of the Israeli lobby ...."

How um ... different, and uniquely refreshing. I giss when it's time to "bring it on"? Fred's gunna bag himself a Hymie or two three ....

Great link .... bwahahaha

Anonymous said...

"Wife" is such a beautiful word. "Marriage" is such a perfect union. When I checked in to a hospital I was offered a number of choices to define the woman next to me and none of them fit but, wife. The Democrats may ban the words but they will only find that the "significant other" next to them is the Payback Bitch.

directorblue said...

@AnechoicRoom - good catch. I'll be more careful with "Fred".