Sunday, July 05, 2015

Wherein Gay Supremacist @GeorgeTakei Gets Pwnt by @Instapundit

I term radicals like George Takei gay supremacists because they believe their rights trump my religious liberties. There's no other way to state it. Because if I'm an observant Christian who owns a bakery and does not want to bake a cake that celebrates gay "marriage", the gay supremacists believe I should be forced to do so, even at gunpoint (by the police) if need be.

Perhaps George can answer my hypothetical question:



carlito said...

Doug, easy answer - the cake will of course be backed at no cost to the customer.

Anonymous said...

Doug, my answer is a hypothetical one: If a gay couple asks of a Muslim bakery to make a Confederate flag themed cake, the universe would unravel. Kinda like what Doc. Brown is warning about in Back to the Future.

David Deeble said...

At least there's no gluten involved. Right? Tell me I'm right.