Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Majority of House Backs Resolution to Kill Iran Deal

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Majority of House Backs Resolution to Kill Iran Deal: Adam Kredo
Will Chuck Schumer Oppose The Iran Deal?: RWN
Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman: Iran Deal Is “Terrorism With Impunity” : Breitbart

Time For Conservatives To Get Medieval On The Liberal Establishment: Kurt Schlichter
Mike Lee’s Terrific Planned Parenthood De-Fund Speech: HayRide
Which Senators Voted to Make You Pay for Abortion Harvesting?: Matthew Clark

Trump Triumphant: Erick Erickson
Willingness to Fight: Ted Cruz Has Earned a Second Look From Us All: Leon H. Wolf
Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush Shine at Koch Brothers Event: Zachary Mider, Bloomberg

Liberalism: From “Mainstreaming Dumb” To “Mainstreaming Crazy”: John Hawkins
Iran Deal Is Obama’s Foreign Policy Obamacare: David Limbaugh
Mitch McConnell Must Never Be Elected Again: RS


'Medical Meltdown:' Obamacare Ushers in Doctor Shortages: Trey Sanchez
Coming to a market near you: increased food costs, thanks to California bureaucrats: Dan Spencer
CEO Hikes Minimum Wage To $70K, Capitalist Tragicomedy Ensues: ZH

Scandal Central

Clinton aide Huma Abedin may have 'delivered favors' for friends, IG finds: Sarah Westwood
Report: Clinton Aide’s Dual Roles May Have Broken Conflict of Interest Laws: Alan Goodman
U.S. Pays Black Comedian to Deliver Anti-White Racist Tirade at Fed Agency: JW

Climate & Energy

Obama orders 30% cut in CO2 emissions in new EPA rule change: Ed Morrissey
Obama Kills Another Industry: A $600 million coal mine just sold for less than $1: Stephen Frank
World’s Top Climate Experts Predictions in 2003... Startlingly Wrong: Climatism


WSJ Op-Ed: Iran Nuke Deal Reveals Obama’s “Blind Spot” Towards Anti-Semitism: The Tower
Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum: Liberals don’t believe aborting a fetus involves killing a human being: ProWis
If It's Monday, It's Time For Another Group of Obese Women To Strip Down to Prove Fat is Beautiful: Ace

Before We Fry Ray Tensing in the Death of Sam DuBose …: BizzyBlog
"Stomp Them and Kill Them": Farrakhan Inciting Deadly Civil War Of Mass Proportions: ConByte
This child was #BurnedAlive in West Bank, but you probably never heard of her: LI


Iran Publishes Play-by-Play on How to Defeat US, Destroy Israel: Amy Miller
U.S. Terror Victims Win Judgment; Obama Regime Thinking Of Weighing In On Lawsuit… On Side Of Terrorists: WZ
Obama detains 27 Christian asylum seekers: Leo Hohmann

China building Naval bases across Asia, eyes Horn of Africa: LI
IAEA Will Not Share Its Agreements With Iran, and John Kerry is Okay With That: Deanna Fisher
Iran’s Rouhani Says Nuclear Deal ‘More Than What Was Imagined’: Golnar Motevalli

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Newly Married AT&T/DirecTV Unveil Underwhelming Combined Wireless/TV Plans: Chris Morran
The Most Expensive Keywords on Google [Infographic]: Brent Carnduff
A Drone Captured This Adorable Orca Family Photo: Jamie Condliffe


On L'Affaire Cecil and Why Internet Outrage May Doom the Lions of Zimbabwe: Ace
All Rhodes Lead to Cecil: Mark Steyn
Obama Takes Air Force One Jet, Marine One Helicopter To Golf Before Climate Speech: WZ

Image: Report: Clinton Aide’s Dual Roles May Have Broken Conflict of Interest Laws
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QOTD: "I have yet to meet a person in America whose criticism of Congress is, 'You guys haven’t cooperated with Obama enough.' People are fed up." --Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

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