Friday, January 25, 2008

Books on my Amazon wish-list

I didn't get these for the holidays, so they are still on my wish list.

The protaganist of Harry Reid's novel is a Senator that receives a $1 million windfall in a land sale related to a controversial rezoning effort.

Rep. William Jefferson's complex, multi-faceted story is worthy of a John Grisham novel: a web of front companies, thousands of dollars stored in a freezer, and hundreds of thousands "sloshing through bank accounts."

Sandy Berger's exciting tale reads like a spy story: top-secret documents left at a "dead drop," a commission investigating a massive terrorist attack, and a coverup of extraordinary proportions.

Hillary Clinton's rags-to-riches story describes a working girl's savvy investment of $1,000; and how -- through determination and sheer grit -- she was able to turn that into nearly $100,000 in just a few months' time. It's inspirational material of the highest caliber!

Ted Kennedy's classic tale of a party, a girl, a bridge, and a soggy morning-after needs no introduction.

Not-so-instant classic post from December 2006

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