Thursday, January 24, 2008

MEMRI: Rules of Jihad

Interesting snippet from MEMRI's Special Dispatch Series ("Summary of the Document of Right Guidance for Jihad Activity in Egypt and the World"):

Jihad Requires the Permission of One's Parents and Creditors

"Article 4: It is not permitted to go out to fight jihad without the permission of both parents and the permission of one's creditors, because acting rightly with one's parents is an individual obligation (fardh 'ayn), and they have rights over their son, and [thus] he should not go out to jihad without their permission. This appears in an authentic hadith.

"Likewise, Allah does not accept martyrdom as atonement for a mujahid's debts, and he should not go out [to fight jihad] without the permission of his creditor.

"This has become pandemic in our times. We find parents who only learn that their son has gone to fight jihad after his picture is published in the newspapers as a fatality or a prisoner."

Looks like this guy didn't get the "no-debt--for-suicide-bombers" memo.

Check this out... I'm like totally getting out of my 350Z payments, dude!

On Killing Civilians

"Article 9: Prohibition against killing civilians. The prohibition against killing those civilians who are visibly Muslims is emphasized in the Prophet's saying, 'Every Muslim's life, property, and honor is inviolable to other Muslims', as told by Muslim [i.e. in Muslim Ibn Al-Hajjaj's compendium of hadith].

"Those whose condition is unknown [i.e. when it is not known whether or not they are Muslim], it is not permitted to attack them, even in a state of fighting, until the truth of their condition is known, because Allah said (Koran 4:94): 'Oh you who believe, when you go forth to fight jihad, distinguish' [Muslims from non-Muslims]."

So let me recap: killing Muslim civilians -- Bad. Killing civilians of unknown religious background -- Bad. Killing civilians who are not Muslim? Godspeed, Mr. Suicide Bomber!

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