Saturday, January 19, 2008

HuffPo's Hillary Clinton Sleaze Database

I don't frequently recommend articles over at the Stuffington Roast, but Paul Loeb's latest ("Hillary Clinton's Sleaze Parade") is worth the time. Loeb has assembed a veritable database of sleaze related to the Hillary campaign, including:

* Hired Burston-Marsteller's CEO, the PR firm known for its union-busting activities

* Received donations from Rupert Murdoch and massive amounts of dough from defense, oil and health care companies

* Accepted money from fugitive Norman Hsu, tainted database guru Vin Gupta, alleged bribery specialist Dickie Scruggs, the Tan family (international sweatshop owners), and Peter Paul

* Used mailers that intentionally distorted Barack Obama's positions on abortion-related legislative votes

* Through proxies, worked the court system to discourage participation by voters inclined towards Obama and Edwards, most recently on the Vegas Strip

* In various settings, refused to answer hard questions while planting questions repeatedly

The list goes on and on and on.

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