Monday, January 28, 2008

Eerie Portents

In Dallas, Texas, a washer-dryer combo suddenly caught on fire.

In Kitchener, Ontario, a dog was covered in freezing rain.

In Antarctica, a massive snow storm prevented aircraft from landing on Roosevelt Island.

In Tokyo, a department store marked down all bath towels for no apparent reason.

On the I-5, traffic suddenly came to a stop, even though there were no accidents.

Near Kenosha, Wisconsin, a tragic snowmobile accident resulted in two fatalities.

Low tide in Brittany, France left dozens of small boats temporarily land-locked.

In Key West, Florida, a kite unexpectedly crashed into the sandy beach.

In Bogota, Colombia, an anthill was mysteriously abandoned by its inhabitants.

A car was crushed in Perth, Australia, after an unexpected storm uprooted trees.

And in Honolulu, a man spit out a rotten tomato onto a picnic table.

This is all happening as we speak. We can only expect more of the same as climate change continues to transform the Earth.

Al Gore explains.

New evidence shows "the climate crisis is significantly worse and unfolding more rapidly than those on the pessimistic side of the IPCC projections had warned us," the former US vice president and climate campaigner told delegates at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos......the North Pole ice cap may disappear entirely during summer months in as little as five years, Gore said.

"This is a planetary emergency. There has never been anything remotely like it in the entire history of human civilisation. We are putting at risk all of human civilisation," he added.

As if to reinforce the point, Al Gore announced a once-in-a-lifetime carbon offset sale. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to pollute guilt-free.

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