Tuesday, January 29, 2008

When cigarette ads were legal

You may remember this dude, wearing the world's largest collar, from the movie Boogie Nights.

Flammable face paint and a stray ash spelled a quick demise for Camel's "Smoking Clown" campaign.

Nothing says "celebrity endorsement" like Don Carter and his wife stroking the ol' lane blaster while puffing on Viceroys.

Mmmm. Low tar? That sounds delicious!

Let me see if I understand: I'm supposed to grab a dancing cylinder -- that's singing "Taste Me!" -- and stick it in my mouth? Riiiiiiiiight.

Mildness. Just what I think of when I see a hatchet-faced Lee Marvin stand-in who looks to be packing heat.

Sheriff Carl McCoy holds down a man's job. That's why he shoves cigarettes into his ammo belt instead of bullets.

If I remember correctly, Accuray sold radioactive sensing devices used to ensure product consistency. Remember, consumers, radiation and nicotine make for an addictively glowing experience!

A beautiful babe, a tiger, and a shotgun. Time to fire up a Parliament and ignite a massive brushfire.

* * *

I had to modify at least one of these things.

Hat tip: AdClassix

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