Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quick Links: miss 'em and miss oodles of bloggy goodness!

* Astute Bloggers: An examination of John McCain’s disastrous record
* Astute Bloggers: The Conch Republic and the price of gas
* Atlas Shrugs: The process of cleansing has already begun

* Atlas Shrugs: My man Rich!
* Iowahawk's new blog: Bolus
* Don Surber: Jay Rockefeller: 'Ahmadinejad is nuts'
* Don Surber: Save the Earth from Al Gore
* Gateway Pundit: Bush rocks the Emirates Palace Hotel
* Gateway Pundit: Hillary takes credit for the Surge she opposed!
* PrairiePundit: The failure of lawfare against terrorism
* TigerHawk: Spinning Iraq: George Soros and the subversion of academic reputation

Hat tip: Larwyn

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