Saturday, January 26, 2008

History's Most Disturbing Ads

Back when smoking was legal, I should have taken up feminine cigarillos. My social life would have rocked!

I'm not sure which is more disturbing. The painfully skewered wiener, the hair coated with shellac, or sweaters produced during the Great Drape Surplus of '64.

Wait a second... Mom???

In all seriousness, these things work like a charm. I'm wearing size 27 jeans. And they're loose!

Uhm... what the... ? My only thought doesn't concern Pears' Soap - it's finding the number of the social workers to get this poor kid out of a dysfunctional home.

There's no better way to sell beer than having a bald fat dude stand in front of a drawing showing more bald fat dudes talking... without a female in sight.

Hillary Clinton's very first "presidential" ad. It's one for the ages.

Major hat tips: AdClassix, Eatliver and Frozentoy's Disturbing Vintage Ads

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