Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kos: Ethical and Classy!

Kos is urging his minions to vote for Mitt Romney in Tuesday's open Michigan Primary.

With a history of meddling in our primaries, why don't we try and return the favor. Next Tuesday, January 15th, Michigan will hold its primary. Michigan Democrats should vote for Mitt Romney, because if Mitt wins, Democrats win...

Apparently, Kos is still reeling from the embarrassment that GOP voters inflicted upon him by pumping up Democrat George Wallace's totals in the '72 Primary.

I'm actually a bit shocked that Kos hasn't marketed the idea of each Kos Kid voting multiple times for Romney as well. That would be consistent with this classy dictate.

Hat tips: Charlie Foxtrot and Glenn Reynolds. Wired Magazine has more.

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