Saturday, January 26, 2008

An odd series of events

All over the world, a bizarre series of events occurred this week.

In Atlanta, a cat shivered during a strange snow storm.

A doghouse flooded in Missouri.

A long crack suddenly appeared in a glacier.

Elvis' grave was covered with a thin coat of ice.

In New York, some dude fried an egg on his car.

A BMW's radiator overheated on a highway in Iowa.

In Beijing, China, the worst pollution on the planet killed a few more people.

In Hollywood, a constipated Michael Moore passed gas during an interview.

Kids were swinging in a park on a beautiful clear day in Baghdad.

On a quiet creek in West Virginia, an entire family of beavers mysteriously disappeared.

What's it all mean?

Al Gore is in Davos, Switzerland, bloviating about climate change to increase the value of his carbon offset scams businesses.

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