Friday, January 11, 2008

Make big money in match-stick repair (and TV news)!

If I told you that:

* only 19.6% of Americans believe most news media reporting, down from 27.4% in '03..
* that 86% believed the media attempts to influence public policy, up from 77%...
* and that Americans think the New York Times and NPR are roughly four times more liberal than conservative...

Would you believe it?

That's what a recent national survey showed. Suitaby Flip has the details.

Oh. I forgot to mention that the most trusted name in news is Fox News (27.0%), followed by CNN (14.6%), NBC News (10.90%), ABC News (7.0%), CBS News (6.8%), MSNBC (4.0%) and PBS(3.0%). As recently as 2003, CNN led Fox News on "trust most for accurate reporting" 23.8% to 14.6%.

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