Thursday, September 22, 2011

As America Struggles to Survive, Michelle Obama Models a $42K Bracelet

Empathy: that's what I see when I look admiringly at Michelle Obama:

That was no ordinary bling on the wrist of First Lady Michelle Obama at the DNC fundraiser in New York Tuesday night. Those fancy diamond cuffs were the creation of 23-year-old Katie Decker, whose namesake jewelry line has been making a serious splash since her graduation from Texas A&M two years ago.

...If you've been saving your nickels and dimes, the cuffs are available locally at Judith Ann Jewels. The First Lady wore Katie's Lotus cuff priced at $15,000 with 2.9 carats of diamonds, her Gothic cuff at $15,350 with 2.17 carats in diamonds and the Quatrefoil bracelet at $11,800 with 1.73 carats in diamonds.

As one wag headlined the news: Barack "Middle Class Warrior" Obama brings Michelle to fundraiser wearing $42,398 worth of jewelry.

In unrelated news, a global meltdown is underway.

Thank heavens we can watch FLOTUS from our hovels and dream of better days.

Hat tip: Dan Riehl.


Katielee4211 said...

How will he ever afford these things when he raises taxes on the rich? Or does he get a waiver? Maybe that's why he's so desperate for that new stimulus.

Anonymous said...

Weird. Michelle has "hover hands". Doesn't she want to actually touch her husband?

And why am I hearing that song Strike a Pose in my head?

Bones said...

I believe that Obama is a weak man and that Michelle, and her mother, have been calling the shots since the beginning. His instinctive bowing response is an indication of a man used to being subservient to superiors.(she could also kick his butt and probably has).

Anonymous said...

This biatch makes me want to vomit, nothing about her is real-it's contived and hateful.

Anonymous said...

They were borrowed, not purchased. She was helping a young female designer just like Nancy Reagan did many times. The only difference is Ms. Reagan did it more often.

From the old Repub.