Sunday, September 25, 2011

Georgia Middle School Textbook Marketing Sharia-based Misogyny to Children

Take a read, courtesy of Atlas Shrugs, and we'll discuss.

To summarize:

• The West should stop criticizing Sharia-based mistreatment of women

• Women aren't allowed to drive cars... cool!

• Women must cover themselves completely with a black tent, leaving only a slit for the eyes... cool (plus: protection from the sand)!

• Parents choose a girl's husband... cool!

• She is "happy to obey"! Cool!

• She will be one of her husband's four wives... cool!

• Sharia protects women... cool!

Curiously, the text omits mentions of female genital mutilation, marriages of 8-year-old girls to older men, ritual self-mutilation, child slave labor, stoning of women and girls for ill-defined and/or bogus "crimes", legalized pedophilia, normalization of the practice of wife-beating, "honor" killings, gender-based segregation, mandatory clothing, and exclusion from formal educational opportunities.

I'm hesitant to post the attribution for the list, above, but it is necessary [Caution: extremely graphic and disturbing images!]

You can see the rest of the text and workbook here. Put simply, if a curriculum is going to purport to describe how women live in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim-controlled world, it should at least report the facts.

Hat tip: JihadWatch.


J.P. Travis said...

Many of the primitive injustices listed are tribal rather than specifically Muslim in nature, but Islam earns blame because it freezes its adherents into those primitive cultural mores, imprisoning them in ignorance and irrationality by opposing open-minded rational thought.

Anonymous said...

Are there so many Muslims in Georgia that this type of nonsense can be distributed? Or are that many educators who hate western culture and mores?

Doom said...

Considering what we have done to women in the West, some of those things are an improvement. Don't ask me, ask the women. Look into actual blind secure polls, and you will find their women, miserable as they are, are happier than our women. It makes sense why amoral education would seek to praise immoral religious practices, as well.

Careful with that stone, we do live in a very fragile glass house. Secularism will definitely fall before islam will. Now that Christianity has be denied a legal and civil right to be a party to the debate, the game is over.