Monday, September 12, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Let's Roll Over

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Let's Roll Over: Steyn
Too Much Lamb, Not Enough Lion: JPA
Ground Ego: Primordial Slack

Turning Red – Shedding the White and Blue: NoisyRm
Final PPP Poll for NY-9: Turner (R) 47% Weprin (D) 41%: Ace
Obama buys the drinks other guys pay for: Barone

US colleges to receive warning letters on anti-Semitism: JPost
The 2012 Election Will Come Down to Seven States: Sabato
C-SPAN Obama “Jobs” Plan Call In FAIL!: RWN


Jobs Plan Ruse? Teamsters’ Hoffa Predicts Jobs Plan Failure: LUR
Unintended Consequences of Labor Sec. Solis' Witch Hunt: LUR
The president's notion of "fairness" is anything but fair: PJM

Climate & Energy

The Obama energy crisis as you've never before seen it: Tapscott
Judge dismisses EPA suit over pollution at Michigan DTE plant: BizWk
G.M. Aims the Volt at China, but Chinese Want Its Secrets: NYT


Paul Krugman's Shame: Captain's Journal
As It Might Have Been: Theo Spark
Progressives Shame the Country on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11: AmPower

A few more words about Koward Krugman: Malkin
Another Thing We Can Thank The First Amendment For: NiceDeb
Detroit local MSM come out swinging for more Obama spending: RWN

Does Thomas Friedman Write All of President Obama’s Speeches?: Driscoll
NY Times: Governor Palin “Pointed Toward a Way of Transcending the Presently Unbridgeable Political Divide”: C4P
The Interrupted Reading: The Kids with George W. Bush on 9/11: Time

Ten Years On: Mullings
“Saved by the Militia”: My NRO Column After 9/11: Barnett
'Middle' America indeed: Salena Zito


Iran and the EMP Threat: Kahlili
Egypt's Botched Revolution: Totten
The War America Fights: Caroline Glick

Photos: Israel's 9/11 Memorial: BermanPost
Cameron's dismissal of Israel: Melanie Phillips
Ten Years On: Wizbang

Netanyahu on 9/11: “It will be indescribably disastrous if the radical Islami[sts] acquire the ultimate weapon": WZ
Ahmadinejad : 9-11 Was Planned As a Pretext For US Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan: GWP
Saudi Grand mufti cautions public against dream interpreters on TV: MENAFN


Galaxy S II graphics fastest among Android phones--report: CNet
Cisco Starts Totally Ragging on Juniper: LightReading
Amazon eyes Netflix-style service for e-books: CNet


“No Substitute for Victory” -- The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism: Lewis (2006)
Unmitigated Evil -- a Photo Essay Commemorating 9/11: GM's Place
The Falling Man: Ace

This Week in Automotivators, September 5-11: RWN
Pop, Soda or Coke?: Ace
White Castle sued for violating civil rights of man too fat to fit into booth: Greenroom

Image: Weasel Zippers
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QOTD: "History is clear: All-out force against fanatical killers is both practical and moral. It led us to our two most important foreign policy successes—the defeats of Germany and Japan in 1945—and to the permanent peace with those nations that we take for granted today. Such a course was practical and moral then, and it is practical and moral now—an affirmation, and a defense, of life and civilization." --John David Lewis, "No Substitute for Victory"

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