Friday, September 30, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Black and Right

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Black and Right: iOTW
Embarrassing Video of Biden's Speech to Solyndra Unearthed: Ace
The Ongoing Occupation of America: Zombie

Adventures in liberal tolerance, part 999,901: Malkin
“Herb Cain” answers Palin’s flavor-of-the-week comments: Hot Air
Rick Perry Walks Back His 'Heartless' Comments: RWN


Combatting Child Poverty: IBD
Biden: Voters should blame Obama, not Bush, for economy: DC
Issa questions whether White House pressured Ford to pull 'bailout' ad: Hill

Durbin: We Don't Have Votes to Pass Phony 'Jobs' Bill: Ace
'The Chicago Way': NetRight
17% of IL general fund goes to pension costs: P&I

Euro Collapse: Conrad Black
WaPo/Politifact Fact-Checks Pelosi’s Debt Chart: It's a Crock: WZ
Seton Hall to lower tuition rate by $21K matching Rutgers: Mish

Gunrunner & Solyndra

Gunwalker about to break wide open?: Toldjah
More 'Green' for Donor Energy: IBD
Obama evades ‘Fast and Furious’ questions from Latino media: DC

AZ Sheriff Implicates ATF, Eric Holder and Obama Justice Department as Accomplices to Murder: GWP
"Smoking Gun" In Fast And Furious?: Ace
MSNBC Guest: Solyndra is Bush’s Fault! (Despite Truth): RWN

Climate & Energy

Environmentalists Lose Bid to Preemptively Prevent American Energy Independence: ResEarth
Getting ready for more global warming: Heathrow airport triples snow clearance fleet: WUWT
Plants gobbling up CO2 – 45% more than thought: WUWT


Fatwa Alert: Hollywood Titan Frank Miller Releases 9/11 Comic “Holy Terror”: WZ
Michael Bloomberg: Dictating What You Eat Is Government’s Highest Duty: RWN
Hope Isn't Hiring Poster: RWN


Hugo Chavez’s kidney failure: Fausta
U.S. Taxes and the United Nations Money Pit: Rosett
Is Turkey Really a ‘Vibrant Democracy’?: PJM

Is The Obama Administration Aiding & Abetting In The Murder Of Mexico?: LUR
A Muslim President, After All: IBD
Islam’s History of Forced Conversions: Ibrahim


Solar Energy School Propaganda 101: Malkin
And Now IBM Has Also Blown Past Microsoft: Insider
Why the Kindle Fire is Like a Razor: CNet


Congress Takes Group Of Schoolchildren Hostage: Onion
11-year-old football star told not to score too many touchdowns: Hot Air
The Evolution of a Liberal: Ace

Image: Bare Naked Islam
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Herman Cain for President

QOTD: 'This July, [Steven Spinner] co-authored an article for the Center for American Progress titled "Don't Let Clean Energy Funding Die on the Vine..."

"This 'embattled' program has by all business metrics proven an outright success," he wrote. "Even the most controversial loan guarantee recipient -- Solyndra, a solar manufacturer -- is seeing an operational turnaround."

Little more than a month later, Solyndra fired 1,100 workers and filed for bankruptcy." --Matthew Mosk and Ronnie Greene

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