Sunday, September 25, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Conservatives, Sisyphus, and the Renewed Constitutional Movement

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Conservatives, Sisyphus, and a Renewed Constitutional Movement: AT
On the Border and the Texas DREAM Act: Tatler
Cain wins GOP FL straw poll; Perry in second place: Times

Run, Chris Christie, Run!: Bruce
GA middle school pushes polygamy, burkas: RWN
Gov. Perry All But Invited Gov. Palin to Enter the Race: BigG

Obama harangues Congressional Black Caucus: WZ
The Push For Christie Is About Romney, Not Perry: Riehl
Obama Hits The Links With Bubba for His 82nd Round: WZ


Will Health Care Bankrupt The Country?: Mead
AFL-CIO Defends Violence As A ‘Legitimate’ Union Activity: LUR
Solyndra Lessons Which Won’t Be Learned Until 2013: Bizzy

Immense Euro Bailout "in the Works"; Plan Has Failed Already: Mish
The Global Double Dip and the French Bank Run: CW
Obamacare Report: Patients will wait (much) longer for care: Tenn

Gunwalker & Solyndra

A message from Sipsey Street Irregulars to the Gun Rights Policy Conference: SSI
No, Bush Really Didn’t OK Any Solyndra Loans: IBD
GOP steps up pressure on Obama with Fast and Furious investigation: Hill

Climate & Energy

Let the inhaler hoarding begin: WUWT
Obama Administration Set to Ban Asthma Inhalers Over Environmental Concerns: WklyStd
Is the EPA regulating ozone after all?: WaPo


From Democratic Promoters to Republican Destroyers: MRC
Cop-Killer is Media's Latest Baby Seal: Coulter
Rep. Walsh: Media vested in 'President not being a failure': NB

Safer Streets 2012: Repeal All Gun Laws: BigG
Times tries to muddle the Solyndra scandal: RWN
Herman Cain Takes On Morgan Freeman For Calling Tea Party Racist: NB


Clinton Reinvents Israel: Elliot Abrams
U.K.: Up to 20,000 Muslim polygamous unions robbing welfare system blind: JihadWatch
Bill Clinton: Netanyahu killed the peace process: ForPol

Transnationalist Green Army Begins Land Grab: GardenSerf
Saudi Columnist: Hitler Was Right about the Jews: MEMRI
West tells Obama that Israeli PM is 'a real leader': Hill

Attack on Marines Linked to Seattle Terror Plot: IPT
Partners in Peace: Palestinian Children Trade “Martyr Cards” Instead Of Pokemon Cards: WZ
Map of States with In-State Tuition Laws: NUSA


“Government Motors” To Track Drivers With OnStar, Sell Data to Police: NewAm
Hewlett-Packard, Mark Hurd and the butterfly effect: ITbusiness
Facebook changes creeping out some customers: CNet


The Redline: A Tale Of Collapse: Alt-Market
Race to the Top: I Thought We Were Supposed To Be Post-Racial?: MOTUS
Chicago, 1949, by Stanley Kubrick: How to be a Retronaut

Image: Colour photographs of London after Air Raid Attack, September 1940
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Sign The US Oil Drilling Petition!

QOTD: "This scandal coverage has been driven from the bottom up, from the very beginning. No one thought we'd get "mainstream" news coverage, but we did. No one thought we'd get the GOP seriously involved in finding out the truth, but we did. No one thought we'd ever get hearings, but we did. You did that -- by demanding it.

You did it before, you can do it again.

Let's finish these criminal bastards' cover-up, once and for all.

Demand a second front in the Gunwalker Scandal investigation." --Sipsey Street Irregulars

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