Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Watch Out for Voter Fraud in the New York Ninth

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Watch Out for Voter Fraud in the New York Ninth: NRO
Flight 93 Memorial: Muslim consultants LIED: NiceDeb
TSA Creator Says Dismantle, Privatize the Agency: HE

Look who makes RomneyCare/MassCare’s waiver decisions: Malkin
How Sustainable Do You Think This Is?: RWN
Pawlenty Shows Why He’s Out Of The 2012 GOP Race: HayRide

GOP Debate

Flash mob: GOP candidates gang up on Perry: York
Round Two: Rick Perry and the Seven Dwarfs: Simon
Disgraceful Republican Debate: Kesler

Some observations on the Tea Party/CNN debate: Barone
Tea Party Debate Analysis: Who Won? Who Lost?: RWN
Notes on the CNN/Tea Party Express GOP debate: Malkin


Lessons on Government Largesse From the New Frontier: Hanson
Obama's Stimulus: $312,500 Per Job (Vote) Created Or Saved: ZH
Jobs plan paid for exclusively by tax increases: Times

Obama's Jobs Plan is a Laughingstock: Nice Deb
Paul Samuelson on Social Security: Mankiw
The Great Obama Welfare State: AT

Europe Slips As Greece Falls: Mead
Germany Plans for Possible Greek Default: Spiegel
Massive Default Is Best Way to Fix the Economy: Arends

Climate & Energy

Greenmail: "Green" Companies Hotbed For Graft and Insider-Dealing: Ace
Gore’s 24 Hours of Fantasy About To Begin: PJM
Al Gore And The Lakes Of Molten Lava: RWN


Obama Selects a Curious Psalm at Ground Zero :CFP
Headline of the Decade: Snapped Shot
Anatomy of an Instalanche (What It Looks Like, How I Got One and How You Can Too!): AllAm

Greg Gutfeld: 'Go To Hell, Paul Krugman, You Bearded, Bitter Buffoon': NB
9/11 and My Generation: LFAYA
Florida: Liberal Rag Outraged Allen West Used Phrase “Radical Islamic Enemy” Instead Of Al-Qaeda: WZ

Crickets Chirp As White House Spams & Sends Out Union Press Releases: LUR
Union Members Take Hostages, Destroy Property: But Remember, Tea Party is ‘Dangerous’: RWN
The Separation of Blackness and State: AT


Rare glimpse into Israel's doomsday weapon -- the submarine fleet: ynet
Connecting Nuclear 9/11 Dots That Aren’t in the Headlines . . . or Ever Have Been.: ConAlley
F-16 pilot was ready to ram hijacked plane on 9/11: AFP

Bad Idea: Turkey Sending Three Warships To To Protect Gaza-Bound Ships From Israeli Navy: WZ
The ‘War on Terror’ Is All About God: Klavan
CBS Outdoor/NYC Transit to Run Antisemitic Ads: Atlas

Cuba to drill six oil wells off Florida coast: Tapscott
Obama Has Aggravated Muslim Extremism: Lewis
Ten Years of War: Sultan Knish


What's the deal with daily deals?: CNet
'Super-Earth,' 1 of 50 Newfound Alien Planets, Could Potentially Support Life: Yahoo!
Comodohacker: I can issue fake Windows updates: CNet


Buttons and Bows: MOTUS
Operation Feeding Freedom: Flopping Aces
Pic of the Day: John Conyers (D-Detroit) takes nap at 911 10th anniversary vigil: BlogProf

Image: iOwnTheWorld
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QOTD: "What is worrying investors worldwide is the evident intellectual and political bankruptcy of Europe. The Europeans are not stupider than other people, but they face deep structural economic and political problems that their institutions are hopelessly inadequate to solve. Creating a monetary union without a true federal government is looking more and more like the biggest European policy mistake since Britain and France let Hitler have the Sudetenland." --Walter Russell Mead

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Whitehall said...

Hey Professor Mead, noted academician, the word "stupidier" is incorrect. The correct usage is "more stupid."