Thursday, September 15, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: New report cites 'regulatory tsunami' under Obama

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New report cites 'regulatory tsunami' under Obama: York
Obama to Tout Jobs Act at Company that Outsources: Dossier
Using Twitter Can Get You Murdered In Mexico: RWN

Obama's in Trouble: FreedomWorks
Free Kinde Durkee!: Hayride
Ron Paul and the Neoliberal Reeducation Campaign: Lord


Food Stamps: A Microcosm of Out-of-Control Government: Blumer
Social Security Ponzi Scheme Nearing Point of Collapse: RWN
Obama's Jobs Bill Should Get The Pink Slip: IBD

Card Check: It's Baaack!: Daifallah
Another Obama Record!… Poverty Rate Soars to 18 Year High: GWP
Obama's Brain Jarrett: Pass Jobs Plan 'Right This Minute': AT

‘A Labor Secretary As Clueless as the President’: Driscoll
‘Fear Is Coursing through the Corridors of Brussels’: Belmont Club
U.S. Postal Service could shut down by winter: UPI

Solargate and Gunrunner

Solargate Unraveled: IBD
Fast and Furious update: 3 more murders tied to Gunwalker: Malkin
Obama says he "did not learn about Fast and Furious until the operation went badly wrong": Sipsey

Climate & Energy

Mann Acts: AmSpec
Nobel Laureate Resigns From American Physical Society, Citing Global Warming Nonsense As Reason: Ace
EPA Regulations Still Killing Jobs: IBD


Freedom of Speech? No Thanks, We Prefer to Censor Ourselves.: Dewey
Fight the Truth!: Cold Fury
Obama on the Ropes? Two GOP Polls Say He's At His Lowest Point (So Far...): Ace

Actual Surprise: ABC News Covers Solyndra, Top of the Show: Ace
GOP upset win in NY portends challenge for Obama: C&S
The Objectivity of Paul Krugman: Economic Noise

Barack's Fear Factor: Driscoll
Did Michele Bachmann See This Before She Blew Up The Gardasil Controversy?: Hayride
Liberal Radio Talks of Killing Rumsfeld, 'Prehistoric Reptiles' of Tea Party: NB

Goon Squad TV: Hilarious ‘Attack Watch’ Commercial Goes Viral: GWP
What if the Secret to Success Is Failure?: RWN
Take Your Quisling "Attack Watch" Snitch Site and Shove It: Zilla


The Original September 11: President Franklin Roosevelt Announces the Pearl Harbor Unpleasantness :BRubin
Our Canine Heroes and Islamic Dogophobia: Knish
Grifters of 'Al Saud, Inc.': How Saudi royals get their wealth: Wikileaks

Islamic Spring… Netanyahu Orders Evacuation of Israeli Embassy in Jordan Ahead of Protests: GWP
Exposed: Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Ignorance and Naivete: Ibrahim
Jewish Civil Rights Group Warns Columbia About Entertaining Ahmadinejad… Again!: Simon

Canadian Judges Expand Abortion Rights Into 4th Trimester: BlogProf
SIGINT: Drug cartels using encrypted commo network: Kit Up!
Slaves found living in filth: SMH


Facebook IPO Likely Delayed Until Late 2012: CNBC
The best lesson from Disrupt: Simplify: CNet
Over 1 Billion People Use Social Networks Today, And Other Stats: Crunch


Five Bucks a Pop: iOTW
What Designing Women Want: a Mop to Clean up this Mess?: MOTUS
Drive Recklessly: Feral Irishman

When the Amish go rogue, the mug shots are epic: We don't need your stinking orange safety triangles: TSG
One Million Hits: JPA
Machine Gun Preacher: C&S

Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Karen Harrington Money Bomb: Fire Debbie Wasserman-Schultz!

QOTD: "The brilliant Rara Avis with the All-Ivy education seems to have never heard the first lesson of politics: Vox Populi, Vox Dei. For three miserable, arrogant years he has governed directly against the wishes of the public, gambling that he knew everything, and we knew nothing, and so, at the end of his three year Rogue Regime, the fruits of his wisdom would fatten on the tree, and we would see how wrong we were, and drink the nectar of his successes.

But that's not what happened. He repeatedly ignored the wishes of the public and the loyal opposition in the GOP.

Therefore, he owns this situation. Him and the Democrats, entirely. They did not share decision-making, so they cannot now demand we all share in the blame.

He bet on himself, and more importantly, he bet against the American people, and the longstanding traditions of America.

He lost. He lost big. He lost it all.

And he has no one to blame but his ego. And maybe his early mentors who filled his head with radical socialist twaddle." --Ace

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