Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: CASA de Maryland: The Illegals’ ACORN

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CASA de Maryland: The Illegals’ ACORN: Simpson
The black cloud of the Obama 3: HillBuzz
Corruption Squared: IBD

Obama waving-hand gaffe picture NOT a hoax!: Zombie
TX Tea Party to Perry: What About Our Borders?: Malkin
Sen. Sherrod Brown’s Wife Resigns after Blog Exposes Conflict: BG

No “Shovel Ready” Bureaucrats: Power Line
Ethics Complaint Against DNC Head Wasserman-Schultz: Shark
TSA Official Stabs TSA Employee To Death: SHN


DOL: Give Replacement Names, Addresses to Union Thugs: RWN
Obama’s Pleas for Civility Don’t Apply to Union Leaders: RWN
Obama math: If you earn $200K you are a millionaire: WyBlog

Obama’s plan: $11 in tax hikes for every dollar in cuts: Commentary
Fined for hiring too many people? No, this is not Atlas Shrugged.: FW
ObamaCare - Now They Tell Us (Ongoing...): JOM

Gunrunner & Solyndra

Gunwalker’s Body Count Grows, Along with the Obama Administration’s Cover-Up: Owens
Issa Says He Wants a Special Prosecutor to Probe 'Fast and Furious': CNS
Solyndra Execs Renege, Will Take the Fifth at Oversight Hearing: Foundry

Solyndra Investor, Obama Bundler George Kaiser in '09: Time to Cash in on Massive Government Handouts: VS
ATF Fast and Furious secret audio recordings: CBS
The Gunwalker Scandal: Overview and Timeline: Rinos & Rants

Climate & Energy

Obama's magical thinking on green jobs: Steyn
New peer reviewed paper: clouds have large negative cooling effect on Earth’s radiation budget: WUWT
FERC: Reliable electricity less important than climate fraud alarmism: Mackinac

Quote of the Day: “The Town is Not Regulating Gas Drilling. It is Banning It”: LoneCon
Celebrate EPA’s withdrawal of job-killing ozone standards – but prepare for more onslaughts: CFP
31,000 Scientists sign petition denying man-made global warming: Telegraph (2008)


Charles Krauthammer On Solyndra: A “Toxic Combination Of Lenin Socialism and Crony Capitalism”: NiceDeb
NBC Attacks Suskind Book Critical of Obama But Promoted Bush-Bashing Book By Same Author: NB
Jesse Watters Confronts Maxine Waters: FoxNation

“FACT CHECK: Are rich taxed less than secretaries?”: ProWis
Poll: Palin Picks Up Steam Against Obama: Malkin
Twitter to launch political advertising: Politico

Fishwrap of Record’s resident sap confesses: Malkin
It's Time Democrats Pay Their Fair Share for the Mess They Created: EIB
House Judiciary chair: Justice should probe Solyndra bankruptcy: WaPo


Cairo, Egypt and Cairo, Illinois: Spengler
Obama’s Middle East Policy Is Naive, Arrogant, Misguided and Dangerous: Gov. Rick Perry
Israel atomic chief says Iran designing nuclear weapon: JPost

I accuse Barack Obama of Helping Destabilize the Middle East, and Putting Millions of Lives in Jeopardy: BRubin
Islam is a political system – NOT a religion: Creeping
America: The Chief Subsidizer of UN Rapists and Traffickers: Chesler

Solar Power Pollution Causes Riots in China: AmInt
The Post That Grew and Grew... The bad news is, a UK man was arrested for killing a home invader.: Arctic Patriot
Iran Will Participate in Durban III: Bayefsky


TechCrunch Review: Google Wallet: TechCrunch
Full Tilt Poker a Ponzi scheme? Like Groupon?: CNet
Childproof your smartphone or tablet: Wired


Amazing speech by Bill Whittle at Beverly Hills Tea Party: Scoop
Curator Has a Sense of Humor: C&S
Hostile Fires Burning Bright Signal Return of Cardis Too Tight: MOTUS

Image: Solargate Meets Enron: Solyndra CEO And CFO To Plead The Fifth
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QOTD: "Pass this bill now, or I’ll say “Pass this bill now!” another two dozen times! With this latest inspiration, Obama has taken the post-modern phase of democratic politics to a whole new level. “Pass this jobs bill”? Simply as a matter of humdrum reality, there is no bill, it won’t “create” any jobs, and it will be paid for with money we don’t have. But the smartest president in history has calculated that, if he says the same four monosyllables over and over, a nonexistent bill to create nonexistent jobs with nonexistent money will be yet another legislative triumph in the grand tradition of his first stimulus (the original Dumb And Dumber to the sequel’s Stimulus And Stimulusser)." --Mark Steyn

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