Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Ford Pulls Ad Critical Of Auto Bailout

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Ford Pulls Ad Critical Of Auto Bailout: Is This Blog On?
Obama Fundraising Suffers Huge Drop-off: Dossier
Should conservatives be clamoring for a Christie candidacy?: Hot Air

NC Gov. Perdue: Say, Let's Suspend Elections for a Few Years: Ace
Gaffetastic: the Team Obama Story: Malkin
Romney Uses Social Media to Hit Perry on Immigration: Events

Barack Obama, Democratic Wrecking Ball: Commentary
Philadelphia: Flash Mob Home Break-In Edition: GWP
Child Brainwashers Focus on Colors: RWN


Paul Ryan's Speech on Health Care Reform: Ace
Elizabeth Warren’s ‘ Social Contract’ an Ideological Fantasy: PJM
Sign of the times: Hallmark cards for the newly unemployed: Malkin

Feds: hundreds of millions go to dead bureaucrats: RWN
Obama Fund-Raiser: Tea Party Not 'Who We Are': NiceDeb
Berkeley Erupts over Affirmative Action Satire: Zombie

Gunrunner & Solyndra

President Obama Raising Money with Stimulus Package Beneficiaries: NewAm
Gunrunner: Cash For Cartels: IBD
Orlow email to ATF brass citing GRE column: Codrea


Six Ways to Fix These Painfully Embarrassing GOP Primary Debates: PJM
Dancing With The Haters: DWTS Slam on Tea Party: RWN
As Liberalism's Approval Drops, Is MSNBC Slipping Into Third Place Behind CNN?: NB

Palin's Enemies Don't Understand Libel Case Against Joe McGinniss: AmSpec
Media Silent as White House Stands Behind New Job-Killing Air Rules: GWP
Koch on board with Obama: JTA

MTV Rejects Obama Campaign’s Request to Help President Connect with Young Voters: Blaze
Obama White House Leaned on Ford to Pull Its Bailout Ad – Ad Pulled From YouTube Too: GWP
Reason #34,878 to eliminate pensions: lawmakers fleecing taxpayers to enrich themselves: BlogProf


Sharia Vigilante Street Justice in America: FPM
20,000 Surface-to-Air Missiles Missing in Libya: Ace
Want Congressional Harmony? Try Free Trade Agreements: Foundry

The Trash of Islam: Knish
The Microscopic Benefits of Appeasing Beijing: AmSpec
The Motives Behind Palestinian Leader's Effort to Gain Statehood at U.N.: Pipes

In Australia, a chilling verdict against free speech: Malkin
Grover Norquist’s New Muslim Protégé: FPM
DOJ Releases Islamic Bank Agreement: IPT


Spotify users steamed over Facebook requirement: CNet
Friday! Friday! Friday! Microsoft Company Meeting 2011!: Mini-Microsoft
Silicon Valley Becomes Rent Seeking Valley Under Obama: ATR


White House Announces $15 Trillion Jobs Plan to Switch Around Wyoming and Colorado: Powers
L.A. Prosecutors Display Photo Of Michael Jackson Dead On Hospital Gurney: TSG
Why the DOJ Gave Up Its Delaying Tactics in the Obamacare Litigation: Foundry

Image: "Troubles seen for Best Buy as Amazon unveils tablet"
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Bones said...

Ford pulls the ad after the administration makes it feeing known. Now everybody wants to see it. Ford wins, leftys bamboozled,
goals met.